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A Child's Eye

By: Michelle Mae Abadinas-Serondo
Kid Painting

There’s a saying, “There’s joy and wonder everywhere when you see the world through the eyes of a child.”

And yes, that is true. An innocent child’s eyes give us hope in every tomorrow. They give us beauty and courage to our dispirited day. As they said, a child can teach an adult three things; to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.​

The world is now in chaos. People with different cultures in different places are now battling the same feeling – FEAR. Way back, we were certain of our tomorrows. We made plans and pictured how things are going to be in the nearest future. These days, we are afraid of what tomorrow brings us or wonder if there’s another day in store for us. We now realize that back then, we’re too busy in our day-to-day lives at work that we often forget how to live and enjoy life as it is, just like a child.

Children in Indoor Playground

Fear has no permanent room in the eyes of a child. What may scare them one time might never bother them again. A single word of assurance will cast away even the darkest memory they hold-  the ability older people have long lost over the years. A child sees tomorrow as another happy day to do more things and make meaningful memories.  Children seize the day by making every second count- like there’s no enough time to waste worrying about what tomorrow brings. Every day they discover new things and learn a new task; they figure out more about themselves and others.

In the eyes of a child is the excitement and joy of the future they imagined. Each child, like we all once did, have dreams. Some dreamed of becoming a pilot, a dentist, a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, or a nurse when they grow up. Some children only wish for the simple things in life like staying at home with their family, having endless playtime with their dad, or baking cookies with their mom every day. Some want to grow up fast. They want to start earning their own money and be able to buy a house for their parents. A child has a heart so pure that it intents only the best for the people it loves.

Kids Running

A child’s eyes are all that we wish to preserve. Life will be a bouncy and rough ride; we want every child to fully develop their best version before they face the harsh side of the world.  Every child deserves to have the best environment where they can be nurtured. As parents, we make sure that we are giving them the best of everything; we want them home in a safe and secure community. We want their safety and security even when they play outside the house. We want them to always live free no matter what- so we invest in the right house in the best community.

Lessandra Family.jpg

In the eyes of a child, a house is not just a place to sleep. They see it as a home where everyone is loved and respected. As parents, we owe it to them to give them a house they can call home. What else are we most concerned about other than our children’s welfare? Every parent would want to give their children everything they could. Anything to protect their child’s eye- their innocence and purity, will always be worth it.

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