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Bird’s-Eye View: Crown City of the South’s Damweng Dmatal and Muhon

By: Rea Mar E. Sarcadio

The Crown City of the South, commonly known as Koronadal City, with its natural wonders, is now the trendiest tourist destination in the country. Koronadal progressively discovered new natural terrains for tourist attraction. It is packed with a stunning landscape rooted in its wild and lush preserved jungles. People who love to be in nature and do adventure will indeed be wrapped in ecstasy when they visit the place!


The city’s newest points of pride are from one of its indigenous peoples' domains: the Damweng Dmatal Mountain Resort and Bong Gumne De Muhon Nature Park. "Damweng Dmatal" is a B'laan term, which means "Overlooking the City Plains" and "Bong Gumne" means "Big House." These two sites genuinely embody the tourist spot's natural placement that particularly encourages the people of Koronadal and other neighboring cities and municipalities to take a break from the city and watch it in a bird's-eye view.

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To get to Damweng Dmatal Mountain Resort, you have the option to go there by public transportation or private vehicle. From the city proper, ride a tricycle and go to Barangay Hall of Sta. Cruz. From there, ride a habal-habal.  The ride would cost you 50.00 Php. Instruct the driver that you are going to Damweng. If you have a vehicle, you can head right to the same route.  Along the way, you’d pass by NELMIDA Elementary School. That should be an indicator that you are heading the right way.  From there, you just have to continue your drive until you reach the landmark that says you have arrived in Damweng.  Finding Bong Gumme De Muhon will be easy for you once you’ve reached Damwent Dmatal as it is located in the same vicinity.

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Damweng Dmatal Mountain Resort has an entrance fee of P50 for day tours (6:00 am to 4:00 pm) and a P150 fee is charged for night tours (5:00 pm to 6:00 am). The resort also has a trash disposal fee of P100. If visitors choose to bring their garbage with them upon exit, this trash disposal deposit will be returned. The same fees apply for the visitors of  Bong Gumne De Muhon Nature Park. The park has the same entrance fee rate for the same time slots and imposes the same trash disposal scheme.

Damweng Dmatal Mountain Resort and Bong Gumne De Muhon Nature Park both have campgrounds perched on top of adjacent upland rises about 2,000 feet above sea level with an aerial view of the Koronadal Valley, Mt. Matutum in South Cotabato, and Buluan Lake in Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat Province.

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Adventurers will be fascinated to see the daylight horizon and the sea of clouds that engulf Damweng Dmatal and Muhon. Spending the night in the place would make a good decision too. To see the whole city resting at night, where the lights of the houses and buildings look like shining stars all scattered in the city of Koronadal, is a magical sight.

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