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Bulacan is one of the best locations to live in the country. Given its ongoing developments and commercial growth in the locale, coupled with several tourist spots and festivals, it’s the best place to settle at and start a new chapter of your life.

One major highlight of being in Bulacan is its endless festive celebrations. Both local and foreign tourists visit the place to experience colorful street dancing, celebrate miraculous patrons, and get a glimpse of every bulakenyo’s pride.

One of the most visited celebrations is the Minasa Festival of Bustos, Bulacan.  It is the official festival of the place which is held every 11th to 20th of January. It is a week-long event with several features to enjoy. Visitors should expect street dancing competition, delicacies display and food stalls, and other fun activities in the daylight. Another feature of the Minasa Festival is its showcase of local delicacies like the Minasa Cookies.  It is a toasted and less sugary version of cookies. It has an elegant flavor which distinguishes it from other locally-made cookies. . It is definitely something both local and foreign tourists just can’t miss to try when visiting. 

Minasa Festival.jpg

Photo from Focus Bulacan

During the celebration, there are also many bazaars inside the municipal compound that offer a lot of diverse items like clothes, toys, locally made foods among others.

The main highlight of the event is its culmination night. Some local artists and singers and bands perform and play music. It is also the most awaited part as the champion of the street dancing early on is announced. An extravagant display of fireworks follows the acknowledgment of the winners which gives every visitor amusement.

Since the pandemic happened, they celebrated the festival mostly online.  It started with a ceremonial mass on the first day followed by a short firework and sounds exhibitions held outside the church. On the following day,   the annual local pageant activity was held online, too.

Minasa from Bulacan.jpg

Photo from Aling Liling’s Minasa Cookies

For the third day, they did a live poster-making contest to showcase the talents of the locals in terms of arts. A cooking-show contest along with a virtual concert for the Senior Citizens and physically challenged individuals were held the succeeding day as part of the festivity. Then, a dance showdown competition in the new norm highlighted the fifth day of the celebration. Participants didn’t have to meet physically and did the whole dancing activity in isolation but connected via zoom. On the last day of the week-long celebration, a film-making contest was concluded with the award handed by Mayor Francis Albert "Iskul" G. Juan. The event ended with a Thanksgiving Mass, enough for every local at Bustos to be reminded of the very essence of the celebration.

Minasa Festival 2021

Visit and celebrate Minasa Festival at Bustos, Bulacan and get to experience the colorful celebration, and also try their Minasa cookies for which the town is famous for. It is just 20 minutes to an hour away from several existing affordable house and lots for sale of Lessandra like  in Lessandra Bulakan, Lessandra Terra Alta, Lessandra SJDM, Lessandra Provence, Lessandra Sta.Maria, Lessandra Baliwag, Lessandra San Ildefonso, and Lessandra Apalit.

If you want to experience festivals and explore the beautiful spots of Bulacan on a day-to-day basis, get your own space in Lessandra Bulacan now. Start your 2021 with a new home at Lessandra and get to live a fun-filled life.

Minasa Festival of

Bustos Bulacan

By: Audrea Marie Boto

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