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Three Things to Consider When Buying Your First Car


Car Keys

I live my life a quarter-mile at a time.


Would you miss this line from Dom Torreto of The Fast and The Furious?


Every car enthusiast can’t miss out on the thrill of this movie franchise. One way or another, I am sure that you took inspiration from all the cars used in the movie in setting your own ideal car.  I can’t decide which one is the best car used throughout the series but the 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo is quite a sight for me.


We can spend the rest of this article talking about all those exceptional classic project cars, but I know something that would be more exciting for you, perhaps something about purchasing your first own car!


Finally deciding to buy your car for the first time can be exciting but worrisome. What if you don’t end up buying the right one for you? What if, over time, you realize that there’s a better car for you out there? You wouldn’t want to end up unsettled with the wrong car, would you?


Considering the monetary requirement of getting a car, here are three things to consider and put in mind when buying one.

1. Your Budget


I intentionally put this first because looking for your first car can be overwhelming. You might end up checking some cars out of your reach at the moment. This is sometimes the main source of frustration for many aspiring car owners. Sure, there are hundreds of car models in the market, but you can only choose one for now.  It’s no brainer that the cars with the latest upgrades, with the best features, are those that are extremely expensive today. Set your budget, and from there, you can list all the car models that would qualify.

Dollar Bill in Jar

2. Your Needs


The next move is to know what you need. Although it may be true that you buy things because you want them, it is just more practical to put in consideration the need to have it. Don’t just buy the things out of wanting them alone, consider what value it gives you. On that note, it has to be essential and has to help you with the things you need to do. Check what is it that you need relative to your reason for purchasing a vehicle. Let’s say the car is for your travel to work every day and some road trip with your family on the weekend, then you have to consider a vehicle that would serve that purpose. If there is just you and three more people to share the car, maybe a sedan would do just great. There are many splendid sedans, both used and brand new that are economical and practical to purchase. But if you work in some isolated place with unpaved roads, maybe you should consider getting an SUV designed to work just fine on off-roads. You have to picture out your everyday activity with your future car and see which type of car fits that picture.


3. Your Expenses


Your new car will contribute to your expenses. You will need money to maintain it. As early as you start with the search for your first car, you should have at the back of your mind, its maintenance. More than acquiring the car itself, you are giving yourself another responsibility. The car is not going to stay as good as when you first bought it. You will be spending on new wheels, change oils, or perhaps some upgrades to maximize it depending on your need at the moment.  Considering your current level of expenses, can you add more? By how much? Will that be enough to answer for your new car’s maintenance? You will be using your car and one way or the other, some of its parts will eventually have to be replaced. If you don’t have enough to sustain it, your car will die, you will lose it together with the money you put up for it.

Car Mechanic

A car or other major purchases will always give as enormous excitement.  It will also cost us a huge sum of money too. Let’s take for example buying your own house and lot.  Use all the three things mentioned above to find the best house for your family’s perfect home.  Remember, not all purchases are like a house and lot that doesn’t depreciate. Always be guided in anything that would cost you money today as it might cost you even more in the future. Always make the most out of your money today, so don’t rush and take your time.

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