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A Guide: Buying your New
Smart Phone


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These days a lot of smartphones are available in the market! Almost everyone has their own phone now, it does becomes essential specially to students this pandemic as every class is already online. These aren't just for receiving SMS messages or making calls as you can make a lot of things through this device; take good photos, play games, watch your favorite Netflix series, social medias and a lot more!

Whatever reason it may be on why you are considering on getting a new phone, whether it's for an upgrade, a gift, a replacement, another device, work phone or even it maybe your first time you should really know what are the specifications of the phone that you are buying for. This is to ensure that you will surely be satisfied with what you choose in the long run.

But what should really be your considerations in buying a new one? Well, first of all you should know your priorities straight first. It is like your on the go buddy where you can carry on your pocket which allows you to perform different tasks. Being said, you should really make sure that what you chose is really what you like so that you will enjoy every single penny that you have spent on buying your new smartphone.


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Still, you will be the one to decide if what does fit you more and to help you with that, here are the smart phone specifications that you should consider in choosing one that's right for you.

1.  Memory

We know that we got somehow irritated when our phone declares "Memory full"so it is very important to know these specifications for you to decide on what phone should you choose in order to have a good memory storage for your files, photos, musics, videos and etc to store to.


Phones has two types of phone memory; the RAM or Read Access Memory and the ROM or Read Only Memory. It is important for us to know what these specifically implies as this affect the performance of our smartphone. The RAM along with the processor defines the speed of the phone and the ease of the operation. While the ROM is the one which is responsible for the storage, it stores your photos, apps, videos, music and a lot more. Phone storage now has large storage options such as 64 GB ROM, 128 GB ROM, 256 GB ROM and even up to 512 GB ROM.

You have to take note that the higher the RAM or ROM the higher the price may be of the smartphone that you wish for, yet everything would be worth it as when you have this high storage device, then you can freely store and use your phone without being concern that at any time it will stop you from doing your tasks as low RAM may result to crashes and low ROM may restrict you in saving photos and other medias.


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2. Processor


Everyone's concept of this is that phones with higher processing speed are much faster. This along with the RAM determines the speed and ease of operation of your phone. For those who are into playing games or streaming in their mobile phone should go with faster processor.

A lot of processors are used now in different types of smartphones, they have different performances which you can easily compare now with the internet or even check them actual while choosing and trying smartphones in stores and phone outlets.


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3. Display

This as well is one of the first thing that you will notice in buying a smartphone. The size and display varries from every smartphone brands available in the market with this you will consider on how handy your preferred phone would be. A display which ranges from 5.5 inches to 6 inches or more, QHD or Full-HD resolution is somehow good enough for an average user.

Larger screens would be preferable for those who are into watching videos and playing games as this will give you a very good wide view of your display and graphics which you will surely appreciate while doing your thing. It may be more difficult to handle but there are lots of phone accessories now that are available such as grip holder where you can stick it in the back of your phone or cases to give you a good grip while watching videos or playing games.

Smaller sized screens would be best for those who are into texting, social medias and working phones as smaller phone display would give you better reach while doing your work. This will help you do faster typing since it will just perfectly fit with the size of your palm and fingers.

Still always remember that prioritize your purpose so you will know on what display should you choose.

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4. Battery

Who would not love a smart phone that its battery last for a day, right? This feature is one that you should look out in choosing your new phone. A lot of brands are showing off on how their battery life last for a day and the stronger the battery life is, the better we ca use of it. If you are a light user then 3000mAh battery life is already good to last in a whole day. But the higher the mAh is the better it would be as it will really help you specially if you are a heavy phone user.

If you wanted to just stick on an average battery life then there are still a lot of options for you to consider such as its charging speed as well as you can already consider buying yourself as well a power bank because it is handy, you can just bring it anywhere and it will really be helpful in times of power shortage or emergency situations.

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5. Security and Extra Features

Phones with weak security features are very easy now to jailbreak, especially with our current technology. It is very important for you to choose a very good phone with a high security because it will surely benefit you specially almost of our transactions now are online.

Smartphone security features includes fingerprint lock, face id recognition, pass code and etc. are important for you to make sure that all your personal data, confidential and important files, online transaction and other details are secured.

You would not want anyone to have your details so it's very important to secure them.

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6. Camera

Traditional cameras such as Digital camera, DSLR, polaroid cams are not always carried around because a lot of people now just took out their smart phones, open their camera app and voila! you already have a good quality picture.


Aside from those specifications that are mentioned above, a lot of smartphone users  prefers a unit which gives a good quality photos and videos. High megapixels phone along with good  pixel size, aperture, auto focus and ISO levels does give good quality medias.

A lot of smartphones does not just have 1 or 2 cameras but a lot! Which these cameras gives you different photo perspectives as they has different lenses perfect for any photo that you wanted to achieve. So if you are into posting photos and taking one then maybe considering a good quality camera on phone is a good choice for you.

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Those are just some of the specifications and features that you are to consider in buying a new phone. A guide for you to choose what type of phone would suit your preference more. Still, it will be you to decide which phone can help you to be more productive through out the day and would somehow help you make your work light.

Always remember that in buying a new phone you do not need to be on trend, you do not need to spend a lot just to have phones like other people. You can save a lot by really considering or filtering the features and specification that you thing is the most important for you. You can list them so you will know your priority and then you can check on the internet if what phone does fit your preferences. Surely you will save a lot and at the same time you will have the perfect smart phone for you!

There are a lot of choices of smartphones right now in the market from an affordable phone to a high end phones, everything now is available it would still bring you to a conclusion of what suits your taste, so never be peer pressured in choosing one, choose what's right for you choose what suit you best.

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