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Young, wild, and free? Or young, invested, and worry-free of the future?

Young Accountant

One of the past times we loved to do when we were younger was to think about the future. During playtime, we’d do role-playing of the person we want to be. Some would play their ideal bride self, a teacher, a nurse, a doctor, name it; we want to be everything we can be. Looking back as a kid, planning out life was as easy as just enumerating the series of your life events like how you want it to be. It's as easy as firstly, marrying the love of your life, building your home together and having kids of your own, then you live happily ever after.  As we age, many of us realize that we have to move from one stage to another until we reach that certain stage we aimed for, such as getting to our dream profession and earning our own money. Sometimes, it's harder than just that for others.

In college, the stressful and sleepless nights happened, and all we want is to just get out of it and start living the “dream life”. We often think that after college, we will all be employed professionals, working on our dream jobs, earning big so that we can buy anything that we want and be out there sorting things out for ourselves. Idealistic? We both know it is, and that this isn’t always the case for most of us. We assume that this is the scenario that's waiting for us. No, they didn’t tell us that the "future" was still far from that of life after college; that we still have to grind harder and plan out for the “real” life in the nearest future for us.

We even have a list of what we want to buy once we already have a job. I have not known anyone yet who never included a house and lot of their own [1] on the list. I mean, who in their right mind wouldn’t want a home, right? We even have it on the top of the list for most of us. And our list goes on and on and that it gets overwhelming we end up wrongly prioritizing things.  

Relatable? Keep reading because we have more things in common we can still relate to and realize on that note the things we can do to be “young, invested, and worry-free of the future”. I'm sure that sounded better than just being “young, wild, and free”.

Young Women with Shopping Bags

One common mistake we make after landing on our first job is giving ourselves instant snips of the ideal lifestyle we want. We buy a couple more shoes, we give ourselves the latest smartphone on the market, ride our first wheels, etc.  We get overwhelmed by the things we can now afford, we spend for an item after an item after an item. I know that you know where this is taking us. Our expenses pile up, and more often than not, all these short term rewards we give ourselves depreciate over time - leaving us with little to nothing in terms of value accumulation.

Another thing we develop over time when we start earning our own money is impulsive buying. We all have this tendency to buy the things we want instantly without really thinking twice about it.  However, the actualization of such behavior is only made possible when we have our own money. Now that we can afford to buy the “little” things as we call it, we tend to forget the “ultimate” first on the list, our own house and lot. A common excuse we give is it's too big to achieve early on, or it's too expensive to buy that your salary can’t afford it.

We all can agree that there is nothing wrong with giving self-rewards, but with it are some restrictions. The reward should be lucrative, there should be growth after purchase. Rewards should work like an investment, it should help you grow your garden of income streams. Perhaps your rewards should be investments!

Office Building

Investment sounds intimidating and when we think of it, we think of the financial charts and the stock market. Many would argue that they don't have all the time to learn about stocks and their dynamics. We won’t go that path, by investments, especially for starters, we mean Real Estate Investment[1] . Following the simple logic of value appreciation over time, the earlier you invest, the higher you can profit over your property.

You don't have to go too far to realize the significance of investing in real estate. You and your family require the most common real estate property you can invest in now, a house and lot. The next thing you’d ask yourself is, “Can I afford it?” And the answer? Yes, you can!

Here’s the thing, getting a house and lot isn’t cheap but it doesn't have to be so heavy on your pocket too, especially not in the Philippines. Many local developers have addressed the concerns of buyers such as house design and quality, strategic location, accessibility, conveniences to other necessities, and the price in their offerings.


We have local real estate developers like Lessandra that offer quality houses, safe and secure communities, and the highlight? Affordable! From the leading and most trusted in the home building industry, Lessandra is a Vista Land company that prioritizes Filipino families to achieve their ultimate goal of owning a home. Lessandra provides homes and a secure and safe community at an affordable price!

Lessandra communities are all over the Philippines, from Luzon to Mindanao. Nestled in the progressive places in the country, Lessandra gives you the best of both worlds. Live a healthier lifestyle in a scenic environment while enjoying the advantages of being strategically located where developments are.

The next time you upgrade to the latest item in the market, you might as well check out for affordable housing. Use your money wisely, invest in what gives you security from the unknowns of the future. Don’t be distracted with all the alluring short term rewards you can easily buy today that can only do you so much.

 Stay focused and live the “young, invested, and worry- free of the future” life the soonest! Your 10,000 pesos today could take you to the next million investment of your lifetime.

Thinking of starting your investment now? Visit Lessandra website at to have a wider range of house choices for a starter.


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