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Daily Essentials’
Eco-friendly Alternatives and
Where to Buy Them

Bathroom Kit

In this new era of a more environment-conscious age, more time and effort is given to find suitable and more eco-friendly products for consumption. People keep a critical eye on harmful chemicals and unnecessary waste production, trying to avoid these at all costs.

As more households practice greener living, many started looking for healthier and cleaner options - especially for essential products for everyday use. The awareness and consciousness of consumers extend to companies and businesses, incorporating several corporate activities that help preserve nature. Some also made this advocacy a core value in delivering their services, while others made it their business.

Green Rooftop

Many advocates venture on formulating more sustainable products as their way to share awareness and contribute to the whole movement of a greener planet for the future generation. These local brands, mostly start-ups, found an innovative way to combat climate change and rehabilitate the planet to its best state while at the same time providing products that are safe for every consumer’s health and well-being.


One of the factors that contribute to pollution in the Philippines is the massive production of single-use packaging products and other essentials. It could range from the sachet of shampoo to plastic bags and containers that are for disposal every day.

Volunteers Cleaning Beach

Along with awareness comes the action to help minimize if not eradicate the problem. Eco-friendly and natural alternatives to common items needed for day-to-day life are now available in the market, especially in shops and stores online.


Here is the list of available greener and cruel-free (not tested on animals) alternatives of daily essentials for conscious consumers.


Personal Hygiene


1. Shampoo bar

Instead of the traditional shampoos in sachets and plastic bottles, one way to lessen plastic waste is by buying shampoo bars. This alternative is organic and safe to use, approved by several third party regulators like, Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) Philippines. Using this product will promote cleaner waterways and the environment in general. It will also give consumers a non-toxic and gentler option to wash hair.

Natural Soap and Flowers

2. Conditioner bar

Getting that smooth and silky hair doesn’t have to be at the expense of nature. There are several stores now that offer hair conditioner bars for root-deep treatment. Mostly are organic and sustainable to use.

Artisanal Soaps

3.  Bamboo toothbrush

Not a day that people don’t brush their teeth. It’s a way to keep their mouth clean and their body healthy, in general. Typical individual changes toothbrush every month- this goes to say that, monthly, millions of plastic brushes are thrown away, contributing to the total plastic waste in the planet. Buying bamboo toothbrushes will help eliminate this scenario as they are biodegradable, and imposes no harm to the environment.

Wooden Toothbrushes

4. Lotion bar

Lotion is one of the most important skin care products used by many. Most are stored in plastic bottles and sachets for handy travel purposes. Having organic options packaged in the most eco-friendly manner is a steal- a win-win for product and environment conscious consumers.

Bath Products

House Use

1. Compostable Plastic Bag

Every day, each household produces kitchen waste. Most of the time, it’s wrapped and secured using plastic bags that clog drainages and take years to decompose. Choosing a biodegradable and compostable alternative will help a lot in terms of minimizing the production of plastic waste.

Garbage Bag

2. Wooden Utensils

Fast-food restaurants, on a day-to-day basis, produce tons of waste from their use of disposable utensils and packaging. Shifting to using wooden or paper-based alternatives will help minimize plastic waste production. It makes a huge impact in advocating for a cleaner and safer community for the future generation.

Wooden Kitchen Utensils

3. Organic Detergent Soaps

There are several detergent soaps available in the market, but most have strong chemicals that don’t only ruin fabrics but also irritate the skin. Not to mention, the used water from washing directly goes to waterways and the ground in general.  Opting for an organic alternative will save both consumers' hands from wounding and from adding more toxic waste to the environment.

Lemon Laundry Liquid

4. Cotton Net Bags

Going shopping or walking to the nearest farmer’s market, there is always a need for a grocery bag. Instead of using plastic, one trending aesthetic and eco-friendly product is perfect to use- the cotton net bag. It’s reusable and very handy to carry around.

Net Bag and Glass Jars

Pandemic Essentials

1. Abaca Facemask

As a protection from the wide-spreading coronavirus, it is essential to wear a facemask every day and everywhere. However, the use of these disposable masks also caused an increase in indecomposable trash both on land and ocean. Shifting to using the abaca facemask will help minimize contributing to the damages brought by pollution to the environment. Abaca facemask shows great potential to replace medical grade facemask but still needs further study. However, using this for double mask filtering can help minimize the risk of getting infected with Covid19.

abacca mask.jpg

Photo from Eco Warrior Ph

2. Organic Sanitizer

With the current threat of virus infection, people always have sanitizers anywhere they go. There are a variety of sanitizers available in the market. However, given a closer look, there are gentler and more eco-friendly sanitizers that consumers can pick.

Hand Sanitizer

3. Hand wash

Protection from bacteria and viruses doesn’t have to be damaging for both users and the environment. Opting for products with mild and more natural composition will make a better choice for a sustainable world.


Photo from Morrison

Stores for Greener Earth


Buying all the items above is easy and convenient. Here are the shops and stores advocating for more eco-friendly consumables for a healthier lifestyle and cleaner environment for everyone. All are available online- which makes shopping for green living doable even at home.


1. Healthy Options

Talking about natural and organic product varieties, the largest all-natural and organic products retailer since 1995 is Healthy Option. The company has continuously offered premium health products that are produced in the most sustainable and eco-friendly process. Most of the essentials end-users need to support a healthy lifestyle is in Healthy Options. Other than its cruel-free skincare and beauty products, organic and gluten-free consumables, it also has its very own, certified by the Natural Products Association cleaning solutions.


2. ECHO Store

ECHO is the acronym for Environment & Community Hope Organization STORE. This eco-concept store is the first of its kind in the Philippines. It is a female-founded social enterprise and retail store, offering a variety of sustainable products made by a community of the marginalized sector in the country. As the company aims to help provide for a cleaner earth, it also operates with advocacy to provide the unprivileged with a livelihood. It is the one-stop place to get started with living a sustainable lifestyle.


3. Messy Bessy

Offering a wide variety of products that are natural, biodegradable, and non-toxic for people’s consumption, Messy Bessy advocates for a better world for the future. Buying in Messy Bessy doesn’t just contribute to environmental rehabilitation; it also helps the company’s sponsored youths pursue a college education and get a better chance in life.


4. Humble Market Ph

Another women-owned company, Humble Market Ph’s mission is to make alternative products for a sustainable new norm to all households and a greener future. It is a holistic multichannel store that offers natural products to consumers who are proactive in investing in their personal and environmental wellness.


Shifting into a lifestyle that is greener and more sustainable is now a lot more achievable. Pick a choice, make a decision and start living a healthier and cleaner life. Start with trying out the specific products from the stores mentioned above. Now is the perfect time to start making a difference. Buy organic and eco-friendly products, take good care of yourself and mother earth. 

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