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Homemaking Hacks for Busy People

Cleaning the Floor

Busy schedules can sometimes hinder mothers, professionals, or any homeowners from maintaining cleanliness in their homes. Homemaking is not an easy task to maintain, and for sure many can relate to that, especially if it requires one to hustle everyday for work or to provide for the family. Fortunately, there are a lot of homemaking hacks for the busy professionals that desire to get each corner of their home to be spick and span despite the preoccupied schedules. 

Declutter Unused and Unnecessary Stuff

The mantra, ‘less is more’, is also applicable in maintaining your home. The more stuff are inside your home, the more clutter that you would need to clean up, which would take you extra time and energy. Declutter and segregate unnecessary stuff that you don’t need like empty bottles of perfume, unused decorations, unused bedroom essentials like old comforters, clothes that no longer fit you, and other stuff that occupy unnecessary amounts of space in your home. You can also opt to donate some old stuff to charity as long as it is still in good condition and can be of helpful use or better yet, sell them online. This homemaking hack is finally the sign to ‘let it go’. 

Take Time to Micro Clean

Micro cleaning is best recommended for busy people because it enables a person to clean up one step at a time. Watching a movie? Try doing it while folding dry laundry! Is your favorite primetime TV series is on a commercial break? Finish washing the dishes while you wait! You can do many small things in small pockets of time, and surely, small things make up for bigger things. You would be surprised that even if you are busy with so many schedules and workload in a day, you have accomplished chores efficiently because you gradually do given the chance of short idle times. 

Delegate Home Tasks to Other Household Members 

If you are having a busy day ahead and there are still a lot of chores left to be done at home, delegate these remaining homemaking tasks to other members of the household. If you are living in an apartment with a flat mate, you can equally assign tasks together so that you will have less burden on maintaining cleanliness in your home. Busy people tend to neglect and forget this homemaking hack, but in reality, it can surely benefit all members of the household with the common goal to live in a clean and well-maintained home. 

Maintain a Cleaning Schedule

Creating a cleaning schedule and following it religiously can do a lot in maintaining your home amidst the busyness. A simple schedule will do, like setting 1 hour a day for cleaning the bathroom every 4:00PM or doing the laundry every Saturday of the week, consistently. This tip is great for busy people so that a schedule set for every chore at home would not give you an excuse not to do them.  Start it off slowly, until it becomes a habit. Like what they say, something important to you is definitely worthy of your time. Don’t think of homemaking as another obligation to accomplish or something that adds to the burden of your busy schedule – think of it as a hobby or a therapy that would make you happy, especially if you are doing it for your benefit of having a clean space to live, to relax, and a home to be proud of! 


Busy people find it hard to maintain their home even if they want to. But when these simple homemaking hacks start to become part of your routine, homemaking despite being busy will surprisingly become a relaxing thing to do.   

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