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Phenomenal Korean Drama House Interior Design Inspo

Annyeonghaseyo Chingu!

I still can’t get over my Korean drama binge-watching! Who can easily get over those jaw-dropping and drop-dead gorgeous lead stars?

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I know we all can agree that I’m not exaggerating. Lee Min-ho’s death glare and flashy smirk will surely make your knees weak and you’d want Park Seo-Joon’s strong arms to hold you still.  Anywhere would be a safe place when you are locked in the protective gaze of the two dashing captains from South and North Korea, Song Joong-ki and Hyun Bin, respectively! These men can knock you off of your feet without even trying!  If you can’t relate, then you should go check out more Korean series; I swear you’d want to fly to Korea ASAP and find your own Oppa!

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K-drama has widely gained popularity in the Philippines over the years. More Filipinos of all ages have grown interested in this entertainment to the point that some started learning Hangul (the alphabetic system used for writing the Korean language). The various genres of K-drama truly have captured many of us. Even the shooting venues and their houses are just really fascinating that we want to take them as inspiration for our own space.


Let’s turn your simple abode like those of your favorite k-drama homes! I got you some house interior designs from famous k-dramas every Pinoy fanatics surely love!



It has been a dull immortal life for Kim Shin (played by Gong Woo) until he met his first love Ji Eun Tak (played by Kim Go-Eum). The end of his curse, his immortality was indeed the most painful part of the story.  His love, the goblin’s bride Eun Tak was all that he needed to end his eternal life- soon before he finally wanted to live again because of her. I know some can tell the whole story better. I’m here not to talk about the story but the interior ideas to get the Goblin house vibe in your own space at home.


If you are someone who loves bringing together contrasting pieces and artworks, the Eclectic interior of the Goblin’s mansion would be perfect for you.

pexels-naim-benjelloun-2029665 (1).jpg

Photo by Naim Benjelloun from Pexels

Eclectic interior design is all fun as it freely lets you play with various styles, art elements like color, texture, and patterns joined harmoniously for a vibrant and creative room design. You can layer all you want and cohesively create a design where different eras and ages come together creating a contrasting modern and vintage edge for your place.


The Legend of the Blue Sea

This humorously cute but bittersweet repeating journey of the mermaid, Shim Chung (played by Jun Ji-Hyun), and the con-artist Joon Jae (played by Lee Min-ho) is one of a kind! One minute you are laughing at Shim Chung’s silly acts, then you are crying from the thought that what they have will not last. Enough of this flashback and let’s dive into making your home something like Joon Jae’s.


For someone as laidback as Lee Min-ho’s character in the story, an effortlessly beautiful modern industrial interior would be a great choice. 


Intersperse wood and concrete in the walls for a starter. This would give a complimenting modern touch to the dominating industrial theme you want or the other way around. The major pieces you can’t miss to give your place a look like Lee Min-ho’s in this K-drama are the huge comfortable sofa, metal frames, and the light fixtures. Miss none of the mentioned pieces above and you’d be good to live like you’re with Lee Min-ho in that same looking place in your own house!




What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

The story of these two is a breather from the heavy drama but is meaningful in its own right. It teaches us that sometimes, there are things that are just beyond what our eyes can see.  Young Joon and his witty antics to pursue secretary Kim to stay will make your heart giggle in “kilig”. I tell you! Young Joon is filthy rich! He’s got it all as he would always say. His minimalist house is astonishing. We stan a minimalist yet strikingly elegant home like his!


For people who are not fun of having many accents at home, the minimalist interior design would likely fit for you. Get inspiration from this k-drama’s mansion and get a glimpse of how Secretary Kim’s day to day visit is like- in your own home.

pexels-vecislavas-popa-1571458 (1).jpg

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

Choose your motif. Ideally, a white base wall would maximize the cozy look of your space. Get rid of clutters and contrasting pieces in one same spot. Make sure to invest in quality fixtures. You will only need a few things so better make sure it’s of the best quality. Don’t forget to get your home a centerpiece to finish the look. Getting things plain, simple, and minimal is the key to this. Keep that in mind!



Crash Landing on You

This forbidden love of two individuals from North and South Korea truly inspires many of us to keep on loving. The struggles of Captain Ri (played by Hyun Bin) and Se-ri (played by Son Ye-jin) as they followed their hearts despite the differences and the political separation of the North and South of Korea is exceptional. It would surely melt your fragile heart!

Of course, it’s not just their powerful love of Captain Ri that got us to envy Seri but her house too. The Hollywood Glam interior design of the billionaire and self-made CEO, Seri, is another story! Even the five soldiers from the North couldn’t stop but admire its majestic look.

pexels-alex-qian-2343465 (1).jpg

Photo by Alex Qian from Pexels

Give your home a makeover and start living fancy in your own house! Hollywood Glam is exactly what its name suggests it is: a sophisticated and fabulous interior design. Never forget the classic colors! Gray would make a perfect choice for the motif coupled with fine patterns or fur accents on couches and carpets. Also add some sumptuous fabrics like velvet and silk- these are bombs for this design!  


Wow! All these four k-drama houses are truly the home goals for most of us fans. Who wouldn’t want a house like any of the four with your own Oppa? Getting Lee Min-ho or Park Seo-Joon for yourself sounds a little impossible. However, designing your home like theirs is a different story. Make your own home like those in the k-drama. You wouldn’t even need to fly to Korea now!  Nothing could ever make you feel more ecstatic than having a home like your idols’. Go, don’t waste time and start your home make over now!


If you want more Interior Design Inspo, check out Lessandra’s Design Journal and get more insightful ID ideas.

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