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Making Christmas More Meaningful with your Kids at Home

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Christmas is the most awaited celebration for everyone. Kids are the most excited among everyone. They have an overflowing joy looking forward to the day of the celebration; who can blame them? It’s the time when they receive enormous presents, put up festive home decors, and enjoy a delicious Noche Buena feast!


Having kids at home make Christmas more exciting and fun. To meet the kids’ excitement, parents do their best to make Christmas more special. This year might need more work as we can’t do so much like we used to before the pandemic.

As an alternative to traveling over the holidays, going and eating out, and shopping with kids, here are the three things parents can do with their kids at home this Christmas.

Christmas with the Family

1. Attend Christmas Eve mass with the Family online


Indeed, a mass gathering is still not allowed in the country due to the pandemic. However, the Filipinos’ devotion is unstoppable. Like the previous year, as part of the tradition, families would attend the holy mass  intended  for the special day of  the birth of the savior Jesus  Christ on Christmas Eve. This pandemic is not enough reason not to be able to do it this year. If attending the Christmas Eve mass with your kids last year was a bit challenging for you, due to the massive attendees and the hassle of traveling from your place to the church, this year is different. You can achieve this practice safe and sound at home this year. Holy masses are available online via live streams like on Facebook. Right in your own house, you can indulge in your spiritual practices with your kids, and at the same time, make this Christmas as solemn as last year.


Photo from Netflix

2. Plan out a special online Christmas program


Since the pandemic, we have not visited some relatives and friends who live far from us. Many kids have not played with their cousins and friends. To be able to play like they used to before the pandemic this Christmas would mean a lot to the kids. As parents, you can do something to make it happen for your children. Plan a special online Christmas Program they haven’t experienced yet! Parents can host an innovative online party for their kids. This way, kids can have a fun time together online.  Kids love parties as much as they love spending time with their playmates. You can also include family members and other family friends at this party. Like in typical parties, you can set up activities like enjoyable holiday games, delectable treats in between program segments, and a celebration countdown. You can coordinate with other parents to help you organize the party and make it an unforgettable holiday for the children.

Image by Jonathan Borba

3. Make creative cards

Kids have been staying at home since the start of the pandemic. Waiting for Christmas can be overwhelming to them. They can have a mixed emotion of excitement and sadness. They can recall how fun it was gathering with the whole family, playing games with their cousins, and opening gifts from their aunts and aunties, but also think at the back of their minds, it’s not all going to be like how it used to be, this time. As parents, you wouldn’t want your kids spending their time thinking like that. You would want to occupy your kids with activities relatable to Christmas, which they can enjoy doing while waiting for the celebration. One of which can be making creative Christmas cards. Your kids may spend the remaining days before Christmas making adorable cards they can design freestyle and write on it their heartfelt message to the person they intend to give the card to. With this, spending the holidays amidst this pandemic can still be as meaningful and memorable as the previous years- especially for the kids.

Christmas Cards

This year is unique in any sense. The ongoing pandemic still threatens our safety, making us stay at home longer with limited to no travel at all. Despite this, Filipinos will always find a way to make things feel better- to make this Christmas meaningful regardless of all the bad things that had happened this year. Spending this holiday at home reminds us of the simple things that really matter; the people you love and the comfort of your own home .


Make this Christmas with your kids a holiday to remember!

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