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Five signs that you are a

Millennial Tita and Tito

By: Camille G. Natividad


“Millennial” (born in 1981-1996; age 24-39) 


In Filipino culture, “tita or tito” or “auntie and uncle” is defined as the sibling of either your mother or father.


Nowadays, the term “tita/tito” has been a replacement of a friendship call sign for millennials. Well, this is far from the usual usage of uncle and auntie terminologies. It is more of you behaving likely or closely resembling the typical old tita or tito, including their gestures and practices.


I gathered a few of the signs that would manifest if you are a certified millennial tita and tito. Are you ready for a quick self-assessment?


1. Menthol balm to keep you calm. Menthol balm to keep you calm. 


In this millennial age, you have likely to have started with your work and career life. The stress from your work, relationships, and bills to pay often cause you headaches and sometimes muscle pain too. Like your old tita and tito, who loves to carry around their “essentials” like rubbing ointment and menthol oils, you start to do the same. As a millennial tita and tito, there's no way you don’t know or have a set of Kantikoman

Driver Phone Bluetooth

2. Multiple group chats with 3-5 members


You are slowly being selective on your group of friends. You start to choose your seasoned circle of friends who shares the same interest and principles as you do. You are somewhat the “older” people on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter relative to the younger generation using the same platforms. You start having multiple group chats- one with workmates, with high school friends, college buddies, with your family, and sometimes with your pamangkins. For what reason? Chikaminute! Well, putting the group chat for work aside, you spend most of your time in messenger group chats to catch up with the latest news at home or updates about each other’s lives.  Familiar? It sounds like the “tea time” thing most of your aunties do with their Amigas, except that it’s all online.

Applying Essential Oil

3. New partners at night


Aside from essential oils and ointments you love, you also find happiness with your humidifiers and scented candles at home. Every millennial tita has a room like a spa! Working long everyday, straining your legs from standing or walking back and forth at work, and feeling all of your body ache from the stress of your day-to-day activity, you deserve a night treat in your own home! The sweet smell from the scented candle mixed with the soothing menthol freshness from the humidifier surely is the best way to conclude your day.

Watching TVs

4. Emotional and sentimental


Millennials are indeed getting older; it shows how most of them turn into emotional and sentimental beings. I don’t mean to say that young people are not emotional nor old people are emotional- it’s just that over time, we realize how even the small things matter. As people age, I think it’s safe to say that you become a little more appreciative on a more emotional level. You also start to reminisce during idle or downtime, especially when you have gone home to your lonely apartment after a long day at work. Sometimes, you love being alone too. You spend time reflecting on your life; you try to meditate. You also get easily caught on binge-watching K-dramas, movies, and series about family, nature, and other topics you relate to your current life.


5. Bigger and more meaningful goals to achieve

As a millennial tita and tito, you build bigger dreams that you work hard to achieve. One example of the bigger goals you set to achieve is a house and lot of your own. It is around your age that you have experienced it all -  the hassle of moving from one place to another and the unsettling dilemma of renting. You are definitely on the search for your future home, which you can endlessly style and glam up depending on your liking and mood. No more landladies to restrict you on your apartment improvements but, only you will make decisions in your own house. By then, your online purchases will mostly be just house improvement items like new bedsheets, cute side tables, or a set of new curtains.

Women in Jewelry Workshop

That sums up the five signs of being a millennial tita/tito. There might be some other characteristics of a certified millennial tita and tito that I may have missed,  but surely, you were able to relate to all the five mentioned above.

On the other note, there might be some things that you are yet to realize from the list. None of it would make you less of a millennial tita/tito than you already are. There will be some other things that you would prioritize over your own. The most practical millennial tita/tito knows how to discern decisions in every different situation. Make plans and set goals. It doesn't matter if you’d achieve it as early as the others did or not. For so long as you took on the responsibility in making your goals happen, you are your own authentic millennial tita/tito in all sense.

Always remember that every millennial tita and tito are vibrant, fresh, and wise. Catch up over a cup of coffee or tea and get the latest life update from each other!

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