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Endlessly Nourish Your Mind

with New Learnings


Distance Learning

As we age, we tend to spend most of our time worrying about the bills or work and the likes. We forget about taking good care of ourselves. If buying new stuff for you is how you suffice it, then it is okay. However, the best thing you can do is to invest in yourself. Not necessarily with the latest luxury bag or car, but with something that will help you develop your skills and is essential for you to stay relevant at work and society in this fast-paced and hypercompetitive era. Keep learning! Invest in seminars, webinars, and skill development classes.

Online Learning.

Make yourself open and available to new experiences and opportunities to learn, grow, and make yourself better than you were before. Of course, gatherings and face-to-face discussions are still discouraged due to the pandemic, which means you have to venture on online platforms. Learning today is made even easier and accessible to everyone. You don’t even have to pay for some seminars because several rainings are for free. You only have to have an internet connection, a mobile or any electronic device, and some free time. Some are scheduled on a flexible time that you can do in your own house. You can be in your cozy home while absorbing all new learnings!  Easy and convenient- plus it’s truly beneficial for you.


The only thing that’s constant in this world is change. Therefore, if you don’t adapt to it, you get left behind or you become irrelevant. To avoid this from happening, find the time and the right platform and agencies to reach out to for a new skill.

Virtual Team Meeting

To help you get started, here are some of the many online platforms and organizations you can reach out to or contact for a specific course to learn!


1. Near creatives

If digital innovation fascinates or interests you, you can check near creatives’ official website. It is a third-party content creator for several known brands in the country. They also have an educational spot on their platform through their blogs that are available for people online to freely scroll and read through. Topics vary from social media trends to content creation and production. They also conduct free seminars once or twice a month for individuals who have a liking for becoming influencers and how they can maximize online platforms and innovation to leverage on it for marketing and more. These are for free and will surely give you a better idea in digital marketing, content creation, and a guide to becoming a great influencer using social media platforms.


2. REBAP Affiliation Seminar

If currently you are looking into properties especially real estate, the Real Estate Broker Association of the Philippines has online seminars that will give you more insights about it. They have webinars that will enlighten you about property ownership and property selling while opening opportunities for you in the industry.  Taking these online courses will not only give you more knowledge on properties here in the Philippines like a house and lot but also gives you credits for official accreditation. Meaning, it meets one of the requirements to be a legally affiliated property seller. You don’t just learn, you also start to earn.

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Internet Mobile Marketing Association in the Philippines is an online platform for digital learning, skills development, and camaraderie in the advertising and marketing industries. If you are committed to nourishing your mind with newly updated learnings in this sphere, IMMAP would be a great tool. It offers its members exclusive perks leaning their initiatives on digital conferences, boomerang awards, virtual member meetups, webinar Wednesdays, and advocacies on cyber safety. The platform gives you a broad support system in your learning with professionals and respectable individuals in their special fields. This is one great spot to be in for employees who want to level up their learnings and understanding of marketing and other subject matters related to it.


4. Lessandra Web Wednesday


Lessandra is a housing brand under the most trusted developer in the country, Vista Land. As its way of helping its sellers during the pandemic, they had initiated several webinars every Wednesday. The topics that are prepared and discussed are not isolated on selling materials and strategies. They also talk about how to cope up and stay productive during the quarantine and the pandemic, in general. The effort was initially made for its sellers until realized that it can be an avenue to help more who lost their jobs to learn about the business and encourage partnerships. Several people took the opportunity to learn with Lessandra regarding online innovation in marketing and sales in the real estate industry. It has also opened them to be Lessandra’s online partners where they can spread the good news of affordable house and lot to friends and be rewarded in every sale accomplished.


These are just four of the endless list of platforms and websites you can check to get inputs and lectures that will enable you to do more in your field. Allot time to nourish your mind, pay for it if it requires for so long as it will improve yourself. Never get settled of knowing only a few. The more that you expose yourself to information, the more you will realize how much you know less. Always be thirsty for new learnings, insights, and experiences because those will take you to places and will open doors of opportunities for you.

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