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Living like a New Yorker: Independent Life Set-Up


New York City

Growing up, we had our favorites. We have movies that influenced our goals and life decisions. We have pieces of icons and characters that we aspire to be like or to live like. Looking back, years ago, we were all teenagers with our own star-like life goals. Some fell in love with the lifestyle of a movie star, wishing they live the same thing in the future. Others were captured by the places- like New York City.

Sunset Over New York City

Remembering those fun years, daydreaming was our only way to get the vibes of being in the destinations we want to visit, or to feel how it’s like living the life of the artists we idolize on screen. Little do we know, this memory has a special spot inside us that will forever make us desire living it through, shortly.


Famous classic movies we all loved at some time in our lives like Breakfast at Tiffany’s led by the iconic Audrey Hepburn, and Working Girl starring Melanie Griffith, made us love two different individuals but one place- New York City. Several other films and American TV series, like Sex and the City and Friends, shot in the same setting, got most entertainment lovers to adore the place or fantasize about living like a New Yorker.

Girl Walking in New York City

Living in a metropolis like NYC is like the ultimate dream for most of our teenagers’ hearts. Similar to the scenes in the films set in the place, we crave the liberating and awesome feeling of getting your own space in a walk-up apartment.  The pride and independence achieved by starting your life alone and on your own in a big city like New York is unbelievable- but possible and costly.


Imagine not having to leave the country and still be able to live like most New Yorkers, bold, self-reliant, and has a space of their own! Walk-up apartments are like a staple in any New York-based films. It refers to units in an apartment building with only two to six floors. It’s called “walk-up” because you literally have to walk to climb up. After all, there is no elevator to access the other floors. It sounds like a sweating journey upstairs but what is it compared to the convenience of having your own home?

New York City

Another strong point about walk-up apartments is it’s affordable in a sense that it costs lesser than large residential condominiums. Since the building is relatively smaller than the traditional high-rise condo building, it requires less maintenance, too. The privacy of living in a walk-up apartment is a perk every tenant would enjoy. There are lesser units in the building which means you will be sharing it with lesser people. You will have as much privacy and seclusion from others, too. You can have your solitude and self-pampering, undisturbed by a noisy and overly crowded neighborhood.

Man Working from Home

Thinking about it, the whole concept makes a great alternative for young professionals, including you, who like the whole New Yorker living set up of liberation, independence, and self-reliance.

When realized and made available in the Philippines, then, daydreaming will no longer be the only way you can experience it.  Instead, you can finally make your dream possible by buying your own space in that walk-up community as soon as you can. By then, grabbing the opportunity to achieve one of your lifetime goals is all in your hands.  

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