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Novo Ecijanos: The Pride of its Hometown

By: Cedrick Buenaventura



Nueva Ecija has a lot to offer in terms of food, tourism, and culture. The magnificent natural wonders of the place are something to look forward to seeing for every tourist and locals.

But what is it really that makes Nueva Ecija the best place to live in?

The answer to this is simple; the people. What fresher way to settle in a beautiful place like Nueva Ecija than living in a community of well-grounded neighbors. The best place is where the best people are!

Novo Ecijanos are known to be very hospitable and cheerful. They are happy people who love to communicate with different people and learn from them. They are interested in exchanging life stories and gaining insights from others too.


Novo Ecijanos are good neighbors. They look after each other and seem to be well-acquainted with each other.  They treat each other as their own families. When there are birthdays or any other occasion, they have this practice of always inviting neighbors over or sharing some food and the celebration with them.


Source: Tostada Magazine

Novo Ecijanos are talented and dedicated people. Some are famous actors like Rommel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Paolo Ballesteros, Ryza Cenon, and Yen Santos, just to name a few. Some are famous vloggers like Jamill who received praises from the netizens after setting wise and practical goals of investing in building their dream home first instead of buying other luxury cars. These Novo Ecijanos are both commendable and inspirational- truly are idols!


Source: Business Mirror

Recently, another pride from Nueva Ecija has taken the international stage by storm.  The Spyros Bros of Nueva Ecija joined the prestigious competition America’s Got Talent and awed the shows’ judges and audiences with their unique “Yoyo” act. Before journeying to America’s Got Talent, Spyros Bros also joined a national competition called “PINAsikat” that aired in ABS-CBN in which they won the one million pesos grand prize along with the brand new house and lot in the year 2015.


 A Novo Ecijano, the City Mayor of Gapan City himself,  Mayor Emeng Pascual made some noise on social media.  His projects and initiatives during the pandemic have gained praise from netizens all over the country. Some netizens expressed their envy of having such a dedicated leader using #SanaAll in the shared posts of the said mayor. His acts are very admirable that you can’t help but wish you have someone equally good as him.


Source: Sunstar

Novo Ecijanos are devotees. This characteristic of them is evident in their flamboyant fiesta celebrations all throughout the year. One of the most famous fiestas is in Bibiclat, Aliaga. It is where the Nagsa San Juan ritual, or most commonly known as the Taong Putik, is celebrated.


Source: Tempo

The locals are humble and live a simple life in Nueva Ecija. Although they live simply, they undeniably love to party and to have fun too. The Novo Ecijanos have their fair share of nightlife to socialize and unwind. Just like their neighboring cities, Nueva Ecija has bountiful stops and spots for leisure  and family bondings.

A place with people like the Novo Ecijanos makes a great place to live in. Finding a secure and affordable housing project like Lessandra in the area will make Nueva Ecija nothing but the best choice to live in.

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