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This pandemic has caused all of us to stay home more than we used to before. In the first few days, nothing could ever go wrong! It’s a great time to relax and just be in the comfort of your own home. But as days turn into months, we start feeling weary and unproductive. We hate wasting time, don’t we? We got used to being “busy” that suddenly, having enough time for ourselves felt a little sketchy. As unique individuals, we also have varying ways of coping up with this.


Some started enrolling in Gordon Ramsay’s youtube channel trying to be like him. Please insert humor in this part! I literally can hear him say his disgust on frustrated “chef- wannabes” like me. Some became instant dancers and influencers in TikTok. Know that I support you! Whew! I have a few friends who became online entrepreneurs too. They started reconnecting with their old hobbies and started making money out of it. Some became stocks and real estate investors who took the opportunity to grow their money during this time. And then, some grew jungle inside their homes. I’m not exaggerating. On normal days, we could all laugh on the idea but not with this pandemic going on. You can never underestimate boredom!

Plantita and Plantito Starter;

Picking Your First Five

Plants to Grow

Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants

Famous local artists like Sollenn Heussaf, Aubrey Miles, Angelica Panganiban, and Rocco Nacino, obviously took it to the next level. You might want to check their Instagram accounts to see what I’m talking about.



Plants, other than beautifying our place, actually have many other health benefits! Studies have shown that having plants at home or being in an environment where there are plants improves our wellbeing. Perhaps, even without dwelling on scientific research, we can exactly tell based on our experience its benefits. When we are in a park or in a garden, it’s always relaxing and refreshing, isn’t it? The breeze of fresh air, the sweet smell of blooming flowers, and the pleasing green that surrounds us, it makes everything feel calm. 

Bright Living Room

I know by now, you are already thinking about getting started with this journey. Before I even forget, I know space is one of the major considerations people usually look at when starting this journey. So I say, relax, I got you covered!  We won’t go extravagant just yet. I mean, if you want to add more to make it something like those of the certified plantita celebrities - why not?  But for starter, let's check on indoor plants that are easy to grow and take care of.

Snake Plant

I assume you had seen a snake plant at least once in your life! It's one of the most common plants there is. It’s probably one of the plants you’d see at school, or in the neighborhood, or at your friend’s house. One reason why it's almost in all plant collections is that it’s easy to look after. It doesn’t require that much attention as you can even miss watering it for a week and it will still be good. It is said to be air-purifying too! This is perfect for a cleaner home!

Indoor Snake Plants

Spider Plant

This kind of plant is the easiest houseplant to grow. It is also the most adaptable, making it perfect anywhere inside the house! Like most of the plants you’ll see on this list, it doesn’t need too much attention in terms of watering schedules. It is preferred to dry it out before watering again because watering it every day might cause its roots to sag. That's the last thing we’d want for our baby plant, right? It should be healthy and more vibrantly green-looking just like how we want it.

Indoor Plant

Jade Plant

This one’s something you can’t miss for starters, not because it’s easy to take care of but simply because of its aesthetic. If you’re one of those who are believers of luck, Jade is known to be a lucky plant or a money plant. Never let your Jade plant dry out completely or else, you’d lose all its luck. Kidding! Make sure not to overwater it as the roots can easily rot. One more thing, make sure they get full sunlight because they need it to be healthy.

Plant Box

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is well-loved by homeowners as it serves a couple of other medical benefits other than growing us healthy hair! It loves access to bright light but not under a harsh light. The window side would be a lovely spot for them! They don’t need to be watered every day too! Just check it before its soil gets completely dry, you wouldn’t want your aloe thirsty!

Aloe Vera Plant

Devils Ivy

If you are one of those who loves taking pictures, this plant is perfect to give you an instagrammable background. It’s a vining plant that can be both indoor and outdoor.  You may also choose to hang it or put on the floor and guide its way up with sticks or yarn. Either way, it would give your place a beautiful nature vibe!


Aren’t they lovely? Go get them now! Any of the five will make the best eldest in your soon to rise jungle corner at home. Don’t hover too much thinking about it, alright? You are not expected to know everything just yet. Enjoy the process of knowing more about plants, how to take good care of them, or even how it would do the same for you. Grow with them in this journey and as you water and look after them, do the same thing for yourself. Water yourself with daily affirmations and positivity. More than your environment, the greenery in your surroundings, the aesthetic pots in your garden, how you take care of yourself is what gives you the ultimate calmness and peace of mind.


If at the end of the day you realize this isn’t for you, it’s okay. Some were just really born with a green thumb and some were born only to admire them. But, you can always try. I believe experiences are always what make every journey worthwhile. I would rather be laughing over my failed attempt in plant parenting than out-run time just doing nothing. What’s most important for us now is to enjoy our time figuring ways to stay productive while we stay safe and sound in the comfort of our own home. The rest would follow.

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