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Setting Up Your Home Gym in Five Easy Steps

Gym Equipments

When you think of getting in shape, the fastest idea to reach your mind is enrolling in a gym. Although it sounds exciting and fun- thinking about all the bulky equipment most celebrities and influencers post on their Instagram and other social media, can be quite costly.


Let’s be truthful here- there are days you wouldn’t want to get up to head to the gym. Unless you regularly go to the gym that you’d be able to maximize its price’s worth, sometimes not even. With several free workout tutorials surging the online world, it makes even more sense to find a more affordable alternative such as, setting up your own gym or workout spot at home. This is a more convenient and safer way to do exercises and fitness activities as it is just in the comforts of your own home. No hassle traveling, no monthly payments, and no unnecessary interaction with other people with the ongoing pandemic. You have the whole place for yourself to do even awkward yoga poses.

If you are one of those who wants to have a place to work out without the costly monthly due, then a home gym is perfect for you! To help you set your place up, here are five easy steps you can follow to get started with it.


1. Locate Your Spot

Find the perfect area for your gym at home. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a whole wide room if you have limited space. You can check out your house nook, it would also be a great place for your fitness activities. Your home gym can be inside or outside your home- whichever you prefer, you only have to commit one area for it.


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2. Get Basic Essential Equipment

Decide how you want to go about the workout routines you have on your list. Are these more on lifting, or cardio, then decide on what equipment to buy. There are basic inexpensive must-haves for workout beginners like a decent quality yoga mat, a workout bench, resistance bands, dumbbells, and jumping rope, just to name a few. Check what most of your exercise focus requires and get only the necessary things to store in your home gym.

Fitness Equipments

3. Designate Storage

As your gym is for exercising and some physical activities, it should be clutter-free to avoid accidents. Storing your equipment properly is a must-do. In setting up your own gym space at home, you must also consider where you’d keep your essentials to maintain their neatness and orderliness. Having a messy gym is the last thing you’d want- it’s enticing to work out when everything is clean!


4. Design Your Setup

Here’s the fun part about having the gym in your own house- you decide its set-up. You are your own interior designer of your own gym. You can set it up according to your liking- you can decorate it with plants to channel your inner plantita/platitio selves, have it themed with wood or white, or leave it bare. Just don’t forget the essentials like the full body mirror! You can’t miss that one- it’s a game-changer. It makes your area more aesthetic but more importantly, you can see yourself progress in every workout you do, day-by-day.

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5. Schedule Your Sessions and Use It

The gym is nothing without you to use it- so your final step should be scheduling your exercises. Make use of your personal space to get fit and be healthy. You can also invite the whole family to work out with you or invite some friends when the pandemic ends.

At the Gym

Your home gym will benefit you in ways commercial ones would if you dedicate yourself to religiously attending your sessions. Visit it regularly, especially since it’s just on the premise of your own home, and work it all out! Sweat up and transform yourself into the most healthy and beautiful version of yourself. Take care of your body like you would take care of the people you love. Enjoy the unlimited gym session in your own simple home gym!

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