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Sorsogon’s Grand Festivals to Look Forward To

By: Josi Agustin

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The best province life is here in Sorsogon. It is a great place that’s free from the city traffic and has an enjoyable breath-taking natural environment.

Sorsogon City is known for its beautiful beaches, lakes, hot springs, and waterfalls. It is also home to numerous fiestas and festivals tourists love and always look forward to. Sorsoguenos have all the reasons to be proud of their place!

To get a glimpse of how lively and festive Sorsogon is, here is a list of its amazing festivals surely can’t miss!


1. Butanding Festival (Donsol, Sorsogon) – Sorsogon, particularly Donsol, has become popular among the local and international tourists because of its famous whale shark or what is locally known as butanding. As one of Sorsogon’s tourist attractions, the whale sharks/butanding are given honor through its celebration of the Butanding Festival. The festival also serves as a thanksgiving ceremony for all the blessings brought by the whale sharks to the community and its tourism. The festival is packed with street dance and float parade, drum and lyre, and Mutya ng Donsol pageant.

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Source: Travel to the Philippines

2. Pili Festival (Sorsogon City) –  Another famous celebration in Sorsogon is its Pili Festival. The festival showcases the city’s Pili Tree, more known as the majestic tree. The Pili tree is known for its numerous uses - every part is usable in a way. The festival is loaded with activities, highlighting the Pili Tree and its products. Among all activities, street dancing with the hypnotic beat of native instruments is one experience to look forward to!

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Source:  A Travel Escapes to Bicol Region

3. Padaraw Festival (Bulan, Sorsogon) – Padaraw Festival is a celebration of unity. It is the people’s thanksgiving for their bounties from the sea and their harvests from the agricultural lands of Bulan. It is during this festival that the locals come together in unity amidst challenges and struggles. This speaks volumes about how the Sorsoguenos are as a community.  Truly, a Pandaraw Festival is something you can’t miss when in Sorsogon.


Source: Facebook| KAP Studio

4.   Paray Festival (Irosin, Sorsogon) – Irosin is known as the rice granary of Sorsogon province. As a thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest, the locals celebrate an annual Paray festival. The festival is highlighted by food displays, from their delectable delicacies to their famous local dishes. Also, the festival includes a colorful street dance, beauty pageants, and activities focusing on culture and sports.

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Source: Philippines Travel Site

5. Kasanggayahan Festival (Sorsogon City) –The liveliest festival in Sorsogon is the Kasanngayahan Festival. It is a celebration to commemorate the city’s founding anniversary. The festival is packed with activities that showcase the city and its local food, products, culture, and social practices. Experiencing Kasanggayahan will surely make you fall in love with the place.

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Source: Yahoo News

What a great place to be in! Sorsogon is a beautiful place with a lot to offer in terms of rich cultural practices, community growth, and opportunities, and genuinely authentic kind locals! Its booming tourism and developments are good signs of a promising place for a good investment, like real estate investment. Seeing these potentials, many companies have poured in investments and started making projects in Sorsogon. One of which is Lessandra, an affordable housing brand under Vista Land, the most trusted homebuilder in the country. With Lessandra Sorsogon, the cost of investing in a home is even more affordable for every Sorsogueños family. Live a full, contented life, and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of life at Lessandra Sorsogon.

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