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Bouncing Back Strong

and Healthy this 2021

Family Breakfast

Looking back to our previous list of new year resolutions and comparing it to what we have now, one of the things that would remain on the top priority would be to take good care of ourselves.

The pandemic is still on going, new covid19 variants are being discovered, and more diseases are surfacing from different parts of the world. It is now more than ever that we have to be physically and mentally strong and healthy amidst all the challenges.


2020 has gone by so fast we didn’t have much time to prepare ourselves for the challenges and the changes brought by calamities and Covid19. We were all so scared about almost everything, especially our health. We reached a point where it’s impossible to cough without getting a weird look from other people and overthinking we might have the covid19 virus.


Without a doubt, we are not yet over with the threat of this pandemic. However, we have learned our lessons and, we now know better how to avoid unnecessary scares of any diseases or any other challenges by always being ready.


Here are things we should be doing to bounce back strong and healthy this 2021.


1. Get Enough Sleep


You can’t have a healthy body and mind when you don’t have enough sleep or when you don’t sleep at all. Our bodies are like machines. When you work it out beyond its capacity without rest, it breaks or dies. The same thing applies to our bodies. If we don’t rest like getting a 7-8 hours regular sleep, it can weaken our body thus, making us even more prone to diseases. Sleep is linked to several functions in our body like our metabolism and, cognitive activities just to name a few. To have a healthy body and mind this 2021, we must practice giving ourselves some real good night’s sleep.

Woman Sleeping

2. Drink Your Water


Always stay hydrated. Our bodies need water to function and do their work. It is like the fuel our body uses to work correctly, which is essential in maintaining our body, thus, our health. When we are dehydrated or lack liquid in our system, we are likely to experience dizziness and fatigue. To some extreme, it could affect how our body battles against viruses, including the Coronavirus. Also, dehydration causes your mouth to dry, which is sometimes the start of coughing. Nobody wants to catch a cold and cough during this time. That is why, to make a healthy comeback this 2021, we must take seriously our commitment to stay hydrated all the time.

Man Drinking Water

3. Eat a Healthy Meal every day


Our body needs the nutrients from the food we eat. Eating healthy every day means avoiding processed foods and eating the right amount of everything. It does not necessarily mean to stop eating sweets or salty foods, which we all live for. It only suggests that we eat those foods in moderation. What we eat will manifest in our health. If we eat poorly or unhealthily, our bodies will show it. Some get malnourished, obese, or just really sickly. 2021 will be a year to be nothing but physically healthy and strong to face any challenges.

Healthy Morning

4. Exercise daily


Exercising is a popular activity for people who wants to lose weight. It is because exercising promotes physical fitness. It helps us release toxins and shred some excess fats in the body too. Regular exercise promotes physical fitness and helps our bodies avoid acquiring diseases linked to high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. Also, 2021 is another year packed with planned adventures and trips. It is inevitable to have more food trips and resto visits which means eating a lot than normal, thus, the need to do more exercise!

Stretching Exercises

5. Be in a Healthy Community


All the other four things mentioned above will be easier to do if we have the right environment to facilitate it. This year, we must also find the home and community that would enable us to live healthily. It is a place where we can breathe fresh air, roam around without the threat of overcrowding and interact with people who intend to follow all measures to ensure everyone’s safety.  Finding the right home is just as good as finding the right community that will support and motivate us to make all our health goals this year happen. 

Lessandra Playground.PNG
Lessandra Basketball Court.PNG

The journey to bouncing back strong and healthy this year will not be an easy-peasy thing to do. It will require commitment and sacrifices like avoiding and stopping ourselves from indulging in our old vices like eating junk foods, smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks excessively, and abusing our bodies. It will be a life-changing journey and this 2021, we claim it! Our goals and plans in life are meant to happen. We will make it happen.

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