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Must-Try Food Combo and Recipes in Tiktok

Nature Cereal.jpg

Since the start of the pandemic, during the long boring days at home, many people started gushing over Tiktok. Tiktok is a social media platform where you can share your thoughts, talents, recipes, and anything under the sun through video posting. One of the famous video hashtags on this platform is #FoodTiktok which features several dishes and an unusual combo of vegetables, fruit, meat, and other edible products.


Users all over the globe share food content featuring their local dishes, newly discovered recipes, and other food preparations that may look odd but tasty! If you haven’t been to #FoodTiktok, you should consider installing a Tiktok app now. Videos are not the typical plain tutorials. It has a unique way of combining edits of cools effects, transition techniques, and enjoyable music. Watching #FoodTiktok is a great way to kill time and to learn of a new dish easy to prepare at home.


To give you a glimpse of how surprisingly mouth-watering #FoodTiktok craze is, here are some of the most-watched, tried, and loved recipes by most Tiktokers.

1. Baked Feta Pasta

If there’s one food in Tiktok you can’t miss, it’s the baked feta pasta. This feta cheese pasta took the whole Tiktok world by storm. Everyone couldn’t wait to try it and see for themselves if it is worth the hype. As more influencers in the said platform tried it out and were satisfied, other followers also started trying it out at home. Several grocery stores in some countries were reported to have run out of feta cheese supply because of the viral recipe.


This dish is so easy to make; you will only need tomatoes (lots of it), a bar of feta cheese, pasta, and some herbs of your choice just to add some flavor.

Baked Feta Pasta.jpg

Photo from Delish

Watch TikTok video here:

2. Nature Cereal


Healthy recipes are also flooding the Tiktok community. One of the most popular recipes is the healthier alternative to the typical sugary breakfast food, the nature cereal. This food needs no cooking at all. You will just have to combine all your preferred or available berries and fruits in a bowl and pour in coconut water and ice. It is refreshing and luscious- it looks amazing too!


This fruit combo gained various comments both negative and positive. Some Tiktokers give this a thumbs up while some disagree, saying it’s not worth the hype. What do you think? Try this at home for your own judgment!

Nature Cereal.jpg

Photo from Food52

Watch TikTok video here:

3. Vegan Chicken


Tiktok is home to many innovative recipes, and one perfect example is the vegan chicken made from just flour and water. This chicken recipe went viral as many users on the platform are enthusiastic about trying new food trends- let alone a vegan alternative of a chicken. The original video hit more than 10 million views with more people checking it out. Several Tiktok users even started making their own version of it, giving their recipe a personalized twist!

Vegan Chicken.jpg

Photo from One Green Planet

Watch TikTok video here:

4. Pepper Snack


This now-famous snack among Tiktok users originally was introduced by @janellerohner, a keto diet enthusiast.  She shared in her content her favorite bell pepper snack with cream cheese topped with anything beagle seasoning. This unusual combo captured the interest of millions of people in Tiktok. More health influencers and famous personalities on the platform tried it out and loved the refreshing recipe. Not long enough, several versions of this snack have been circulating the internet, giving more variation and choices for those who have yet to try it. It’s a great option for a healthier snack at home, especially for the kids!

Pepper Snack.jpg

Photo from Pinterventures

Watch TikTok video here:

5. Focaccia


The popular Italian bread Focaccia has captured people from Tiktok with its enticing ASMR video content. The process of preparing this doughy and bubbly bread is so satisfying to watch, especially on the part where the dough has to be poked by bare hands, to give it some texture. You certainly have to try it at home. It’s fun and easy to make. Have a bite of Italy with this simple recipe!


Photo from Inspired Taste

Watch TikTok video here:

6. Ramen Burger


This is one of the weird experimental food recipes in Tiktok you wouldn’t expect to taste good-but actually does. This recipe uses ramen for an alternative burger bun. Lovers of both ramen and burger just gone wild, trying this recipe for the first time and giving it a thumbs up. It definitely sounds weird but the Tiktok community has been loving this recipe! More people are now open to food experiments- maybe you are, too. This snack is a fun start for more exciting and weird tasty recipes to try from Tiktok.

Ramen Burger.jpg

Photo from Tastemade

Watch TikTok video here:

All these easy-to-do delectable are available in Tiktok for you to access anytime. Watching these recipes is an entertaining activity you can do together with your family at home. It’s entertainment with some learnings- unleashing the inner Chef in you. These recipes also make a good meal idea for the weekend family day or movie night. Kids and adults will surely want a bite of all these mouth-watering recipes. These are just some of the many other dishes in #FoodTiktok you might actually want to try. For now, install the app and get unlimited ideas from all over the globe.

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