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Timeless Adventure in Dumaguete



What makes Dumaguete such a charming city? Well, the answer is a combination of multiple factors. Only a handful of people know that this city is home to some breathtaking and beautiful sites, majestic waterfalls, white beaches, and enchanting historical tourist attractions and architectures- not to mention the hospitality of the locals. No wonder it’s awarded as the best place to retire!

The word Dumaguete was coined from the Cebuano word “Dagit” which means “to hold captive”. True to its name, this stunning city effortlessly captures the heart of its visiting tourists.

Mornings in Dumaguete starts with a phenomenal sunrise at Rizal Boulevard. This popular tourist spot is a favorite hangout place not only by the locals but also by foreign tourists. Surely, you would enjoy its laid back atmosphere, the gentle cool breeze of the sea, and the serene and tranquil sound of the waves as it touches the shoreline.


Across Rizal Boulevard is the oldest American institution of higher learning in the Philippines, the Silliman University. As a landmark in the heart of the city, this university is not only known for the good quality education it provides but also for its unique campus vibe as it is surrounded by numerous old giant acacia trees. Its colonial-rooted American architectural buildings will awe you as it predominantly gives the campus extra character.

Bearing its banner as the University Town, this city indeed is one of the most popular educational destinations not only to its neighboring cities and provinces but also to foreign nationals. Other universities and colleges established in the city are St. Paul University, Foundation University, Asian College (formerly known as CSAT), and Negros Oriental State University. These are located just a few minutes away from the newly constructed Circumferential Road, close to the soon-to-rise International Airport and the newest subdivision of the affordable housing brand under Vistaland – Lessandra (Project name: Lessandra Negros Oriental).


Set against the background of the Lessandra project along Diversion Road, Brgy. Cantil-e is Cuernos de Negros.  It is commonly known to locals as Mt. Talinis, one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city. If you’re someone looking for more adventure, this should be in your bucket list. From its peak, you can enjoy and explore the panoramic view of the whole city.


From the highest point of the mountains, let’s move our way down to the stunning and most photographed waterfalls of the city – Casaroro falls. Its beauty is incomparable and I tell you, you’ll find yourself surprised and dumbfounded, admiring this piece of Mother Nature.


If you are more into history, architecture, or religion, then complete your stay in Dumaguete by paying a visit to the city’s oldest and most beautiful church, St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral parish.  It is more known to locals as the Dumaguete Cathedral, built for the people to find solace and solidarity. It is known all over the world not only for its intricacy, structure, and gorgeous alter pieces but also for the peace and marvel it gives to those who visit.

This city indeed has so many wonderful stories to tell, places to explore, and bold adventures to discover. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the natural wonders, warm hospitality of the locals, and the rich history and culture of the city. See for yourself!

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