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Top Online Shops for Women’s Fashion and Beauty Essentials


Online Shopping

One of our biggest learnings from 2020 is self-love. The long stay-at-home set-up gave us ultimate time to check on ourselves and take care of it. Loving yourself is a never-ending process that requires constant effort to work out. Self-love comes in many forms. It could be maintaining a workout routine, eating healthy meals, pampering yourself with tons of skincare products, or shopping for fashionable clothes- or it could be all these things for one.

Blushing Smile

Everyone has various ways of showing love to themselves. One of the most common ways is buying themselves fashion and beauty essentials; to feel good and be confident of their look and themselves. Who would have thought that giving such things to yourself would be a transformative experience, introducing you to what people, most of the time lack, self-appreciation? The empowering energy of wearing and using products that make you feel beautiful transcends the depths of the embedded insecurities that ruins your perception of your own being.


Stop looking down at yourself and find your way to the “self-love” glow. Start your journey now, in the comforts of your own home. Nothings stopping you from loving yourself now, not even the restrictions imposed during this pandemic. Get cozy on your couch, grab your smartphone, and keep reading, as this article will walk you through to the best fashion, health and beauty stores you can purchase from, through online shopping.

1. Shein

Self-love doesn’t have to be expensive and so is fashion.  Find an array of clothing choices for all sizes in Shein at an affordable price. This shop has gained popularity across the globe with its on-trend clothing offerings. Its clothing line is inclusive of different body sizes for both men and women. Shein also has other items in-store like accessories and shoes that are equally affordable and trendy. If you are up for promos like free shipping or a huge discount sale, Shein might just be perfect for you.


2.  Zalora

Check your fit in Asia’s leading online fashion shop. Zalora has all your styling needs, from fancy clothes to chic accessories to glam you up. It has a wide selection of clothes, shoes, accessories, and bags, etc. It’s a one-stop shop for your favorite local and international brands like Plain and Prints, Rayban eyewear, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, and Puma wear, just to name a few. It also has a good customer review on its fast delivery, free shipping promos, and allows cash on delivery (COD) payment method. Your perfect fit to boost up your confidence is just a click away with Zalora app on your smartphone.


3. Beauty Manila

A vibrant and glowing skin never runs out of style and never fails to give you extra confidence about yourself. Healthy skin also reflects how you take care of your body in terms of the food you eat, the amount of water you drink, the hours of sleep you get, and the quality skin products you use. Beauty Manila is an online skin and beauty shop that offers a wide array of skin products from trusted local and international brands. As their platform suggests, find what makes you feel beautiful from all its over 4500 self-care staples. From oral skin supplements to skin-nourishing serums, you have the best options to choose from to achieve that mesmerizing glow.


4. Watsons


Everyone, especially women, knows or has visited a Watsons store in the Philippines. It has over 800 physical stores in the country, located mostly inside malls. Watsons products can also be purchased online using their mobile application and other online selling platforms like Lazada and Shopee. They offer a lot of health, skin, and beauty products from various trusted brands in the industry. They also offer their own products for a choice at a much lower price and often come with a Buy 1 Take 1 promo. Watsons offers its customers a loyalty card to avail exclusive discounts from time to time. It has all the beauty essentials you need that you wouldn’t have to check other stores anymore.


These are just four of the many other shops and stores you can look up online to get your fashion and beauty essentials from. Practice self-love in the most convenient way with practices and mediums set in the new norm.


Self-love is not like a walk in the park. It’s not easy as just buying anything to make you feel good about yourself nor just attending to all your other physical needs. It’s a process of accepting your flaws, understanding your lapses, and forgiving yourself for the mistakes you made that caused you to not love yourself.  Although showering yourself with all the best clothing and skincare products will make you feel good, improve yourself and help you slowly learn how to love yourself, nothing beats acknowledging all the unlovable things about you, and still choosing to accept all that. The material things are just instruments to make you realize your worth- not by the price tag of clothes you wear or how flawless your skin is but by the love and effort you poured in to help yourself rise amidst all your doubts and insecurities.

Applying Lipstick

If red lipstick makes you feel powerful and confident, by all means, wear it on your lips. Find your fashion and skincare product for a sword. Fight and defeat all your negative thoughts about your skin, your body, your face- everything about you. You are more than what you think you are. You are a beautifully unique woman with your own set of strengths and capabilities. You are amazing, loveable, and worthy of all the great things coming your way.

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