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Top Dog Breeds Perfect for

First Time Furparents


Reading To Your Dog

When deciding what breed to get, first-time dog owners or fur parents often get overwhelmed that sometimes they pick just whatever they see or find cute. Getting a dog is not an easy decision to make. Pets are long-term commitments you make in a lifetime. They are more than just a pretty paw, they are like kids. They need nutritious foods, vitamins for better health, vaccines for protection, and an ample amount of playtime to be fit and happy. They will require love, care, and maintenance- which sometimes can be really costly if you are financially unprepared.


It is important to know first, how ready you are to take the responsibility of a fur parent. It’s not going to be fun every day. Sure thing, these adorable fur babies can brighten up your day in any way- but only if they are loved and taken care of properly.


Now, if you think you are ready, get to know more dog breeds you can start your journey with as a fur parent. Various types and breeds are available in localities all over the country and some are for free for adoption, too. To help you decide which one to get, here is the list of dogs that are perfect for first-timers.


1. Asong Pinoy or AsPin


Starting with our very own, Asong Pinoy is one great breed for first-time dog owners. They are smart, trainable, and relatively low maintenance compared to other dogs. Also, they are everywhere in the country. Some are in the streets, still waiting for their human or hooman, to save and give them the love they deserve. AsPins are sweet and loyal dogs greatly known for fulfilling duties of being the bantay or guards at home. More than being guard dogs, they make an adorable baby that loves to play and cuddle with their hooman. 

Dog's Portrait

To clarify, low maintenance doesn’t equate to valueless. It simply means that the dog requires lesser time for training, grooming, and playing- not that they don’t need it but they can just do away with the things like excessive shedding, etc.


2.  Shih Tzu

This lapdog has become quite a famous breed because of its undeniable beautiful long fur and adorable sizzling energy. They are one of the common breeds that gets the highlight for fashion and grooming in the dog world. They also make a great companion as these cute furry loves to be part of their owner’s daily routine. Shih Tzu's are good-natured dogs and do well with kids and other people. They are quite energetic; love playing ball games and exploring new things too.

Combing the Fur

3. Dachshund


These little ones are a bundle of joy to their owners. They are perfect dog breeds for first-timers as they are highly adaptable to their family’s routine. They love mimicking activities with their owners- if you love to nap, they can love napping as much as you do too! Dachshunds are curious dogs who love to bark at anything that interests them. They can be a bit noisy sometimes but they are mostly trainable and smart. They love learning new tricks and routines- including potty training!


4. Beagle

Beagles make the best fur baby for people who loves to stay outdoors. They love seeking new adventure. They love to go for a walk or run and play in the backyard.  They are extremely loyal and kind, too.  Beagles are affectionate dogs and require quite a lot of attention as they enjoy bonding time with their owners. Beagles are fantastic dogs with amazing personalities, more than enough to entertain you even on the most boring day at home.

Beagle Puppy

5. Pug

One of the most friendly dogs in the world, pugs make a good family pet, especially for first-timers who don’t know much how to control aggressiveness. Pug is a safe choice for people who has kids at home or those who plan to have kids in the future. They are tamed and loving and enjoy playtime as much as kids. Their unique facial feature may look scary sometimes but they are the comedians of the dog world. They make weird facials expressions and they can be a little naughty at home, running around, or rolling over the floor- just being cute the whole day.

Pug Closeup

These are just a few of the many other amazing dog breeds first-time pet owners can check and consider. Each kind may require a varying amount of time for playing, exercising, grooming, etc.- but all require the same amount of affection and appreciation.


All dogs in the world, regardless of their breed, deserve to be loved and taken care of. It’s not about what is expensive, what looks beautiful, or what’s deemed high-end breeds. It is about finding one that fits what you can provide, and loving it wholeheartedly. Owning a dog is taking responsibility for one’s life.  They are not mere displays; they are alive and can feel. They might not be able to talk but they communicate in other ways and they love genuinely.

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