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Making your House a

Pet-friendly Home

Golden Retriever

Pets like dogs and cats make life a little more fun and bearable, they say. Their furry paws and puppy eyes will melt hearts and give comforting warmth to everyone around them. They are capable of making the sad and lonely days turn into happy ones. They have all their life spend to make you laugh and motivate you. Sadly, they don’t have much time in the world like we, humans, do. Every second of their lives counts like years for them. A long day of bonding with them could mean their whole life. Like all our other loved ones, we must take good care of them.  Also, they have specific needs that we, as responsible fur owners, must provide. To be able to do so, we must start with the most basic one, a pet-friendly home.


To make sure our fur babies are living their best, here are some tips on how to make your house their place of security and comfort.


1. Fence your Paw yard

Dogs and cats love to play. They are very mobile and often clumsy. One of their favorite thing to do is to run and play- both indoors and outdoors. They can go a little over the top sometimes when playing inside. This is why a secured paw yard could be much of a help.  It’s a great activity spot for them where they can run around without the fear of accidents like getting hit by a car or other things that could be hazardous for them.

dog running with toy

2.  Make a Paw corner

Unlike kids, our fur babies can’t talk when they are thirsty or hungry. It is necessary to make a space for them inside the house where all their other necessities are accessible to them. In the paw corner are the water and food station to drink and eat, toys to play and a bed to sleep on. It is where everything they need on a day to day basis can be found. This way, they can live comfortably with you at home.

Kitten Sleeping in Pet Bed

3. Organize your place

Pets, such as cats, can often be too curious about everything. They often check on things, especially those that are out in the open, which sometimes are unsafe and troublesome for both the pet and the owner. By organizing, we don’t just de-clutter. We identify substances that may be harmful to animals and place them somewhere beyond reach. This way, we don’t just save our furry friends from getting harmed, we also save ourselves from a stressful environment.

Dog Spa

4. Check your plants


Plants have become one of the staples of every family home. Sometimes what may look great for display may be harmful to your fur friend. It is a must to double-check which plants are toxic and can be poisonous when eaten by pets. Also, dogs, in particular, are very fan of putting their cute snout on anything in their environment. Exactly the point why we can’t just take in any plants we want when we have fur buddies living with us. Examples of harmful plants to dogs are aloe vera, snake lily, and mums, just to name a few.

Rollerblader with Dogs

5. Invest in a pet- friendly community


A home is not just the area under the premise of our house or property alone. It includes the people we interact with and who share the same environment as we do. To ensure a holistic pet-friendly home experience for our fur babies, we must prioritize finding the right community to belong to. This is most of the time what pet owners often overlook. A lot of owners fail in considering their pet’s needs when choosing the home they want for their family. They think that for so long that a house is secured, nothing else could go wrong for their four-legged best friend. What they do not know is that the overall quality of the environment, the community, affects their fur buddies as much as it does to them. Our fur friends can better enjoy life when they are in a community that respects and values their worth. They deserve to live in a community that accommodates their needs, like a wide and clean playground to fetch a ball, tree-lined avenues to walk, and well-mannered neighbors to give them equal value as they co-exist.

Man with Cat

Pets are family. Though they might not look like us, for comparison, they deserve as much care we give to others. They are capable of feeling the same emotions we do. Oftentimes, they become our refuge, our emotional buddy- our comforter. They will not be with us for long, even if that’s what our hearts desire. Because we can’t guarantee a long time with them, let’s make each day of their lives worthwhile. Make them feel all the love by giving them a happy place with you at home.

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