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Holiday- Ready this 2021

New Year Celebration

2020 has passed by, many are still longing for the holidays gone by the previous year. Well, the good news is, we won’t be waiting for too long to enjoy these rest days and vacations again this year.

As we embark on a new year, we are also expected to have another year of hustling and grinding. It is also inevitable not to make plans like trips and staycations with your family just because everyone does it. Some people may even have marked their calendars, anticipating potential day-offs and breaks they can spend at home or somewhere with their loved ones.


Getting excited for these days is powerful as it motivates us to push through and look forward to the future. However, if we are unprepared, we could end up sabotaging what could have been the most self-pampering or family day of the year.

Best Friends

To avoid such disappointment, here are three things anyone can do to gear up and be holiday-ready!

1. Exercise

Conditioning our body through physical activities like a home workout, a jog every morning, or lifting weights at the gym is a good way to start preparing for the holidays. Exercising more will not only make us healthy but will also allow us to be fit and able to do as many adventurous escapades as we plan for our vacation.

Fit Girl

2. Eat Healthily

Eating a proper diet is a way to stay healthy. It is impossible to make all your travel plans when you are sick. Also, a great holiday trip calls for a great food trip! This is why it is a must to have a healthy gut! It is during these trips to other places that we eat a lot and try as many delicacies, local dishes, and food pride as possible. Eating healthily nourishes our body, making us ready to make more travels, tours, and stomach-filling trips.

Healthy Woman

3. Save Up

Spending the holidays away from home or even at home will require money. Most of the time, leisure and activities during the holidays will cost us an ample amount of spending. Saving up as early as now will not only allow us to set vacation plans but also lets us make it grand for the whole family. Make this year’s holidays unforgettable by having a sufficient budget! Save up now and be worry-free on where to get the expenses from when ready to take off on all our plans for the holidays. 

Calculate Savings

Get your pen and calendar, and mark the dates for your upcoming escapades this year! Here is the list of holidays for the year 2021 approved by the office of the president.


Regular Holidays:

New Year’s Day                                                           - January 1

Maunday Thursday                                                     - April 1

Good Friday                                                                - April 2

Araw ng Kagitingan                                                    - April 9 (Friday)

Labor Day                                                                    - May 1 (Saturday)

Independence Day                                                     - June 12 (Saturday)

National Heroes Day                                                  - August 30 (Last Monday of the month)

Bonifacio Day                                                              - November 30 (Tuesday)

Christmas Day                                                             - December 25 (Saturday)

Rizal Day                                                                      - December 30 (Thursday)

Special (Non- Working) Days

Chinese New Year                                                      - February 12 (Friday)

EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary          - February 25 (Thursday)

Black Saturday                                                            - April 3

Ninoy Aquino Day                                                      - August 21 (Saturday)

All Saint’s Day                                                             - November 1 (Monday)

Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary        - December 8

Last Day of the Year                                                  - December 31


Additional Special (Non- Working) Days

All Soul’s Day                                                              - November 2

Pre- Christmas                                                            - December 24



Of course, our earning is not for the travels alone, we have other expenses and priorities. We can’t just put all the money we earned for some short-term fun- we have a future to prepare for. Finding another source of income would be the best decision to make!  This way, we’d have more to spare for the plans we made for the holidays without worrying about our other needs now and the future. Make an income-generating investment as early as now and enjoy reaping returns the soonest!

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