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By: Rea Mar E. Sarcadio

These are some of the rants you will surely hear from the hikers, especially the amateur ones, during the trek to the Skyscraper of the South, Mount Ugis – a part of the Daguma Mountain Range in Sitio Ugis, Barangay Marguez, Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat Province.



What makes Dumaguete such a charming city? Well, the answer is a combination of multiple factors. Only a handful of people know that this city is home to some breathtaking and beautiful sites, majestic waterfalls, white beaches, and enchanting historical tourist attractions and architectures- not to mention the hospitality of the locals. No wonder it’s awarded as the best place to retire!


By: Deo Balmes

One of the best things we love is traveling. We all have this longing to discover and see more places. And although this pandemic has caused us to cancel some travel goals this year, let’s not stop discovering places. Let’s go south and know more about the beautiful city of Batangas!


By: Rea Mar E. Sarcadio


Damweng Dmatal Mountain Resort and Bong Gumne De Muhon Nature Park both have campgrounds perched on top of adjacent upland rises about 2,000 feet above sea level with an aerial view of the Koronadal Valley, Mt. Matutum in South Cotabato, and Buluan Lake in Lutayan, Sultan Kudarat Province.

Sorsogon-Butanding-Festival2 (1).jpg

Sorsogon City is known for its beautiful beaches, lakes, hot springs, and waterfalls. It is also home to numerous fiestas and festivals tourists love and always look forward to. Sorsoguenos have all the reasons to be proud of their place!

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