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Zooming on Tablet



Three best friends na may iba’t ibang gusto sa buhay, with one of them dreaming to have her own house. Still in her 20s, she managed to have her own home, dahil affordable and easy-to-own ang Lessandra.


Three Dating Sites to Consider to Find “The One” this Valentine’s Day

Single and alone this Valentine’s Day? Seeing lovers’ sweet postings on social media on a day to day basis while you are not with anyone sounds frustrating enough - how much more this February 14th?

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Top Leading Korean Actors to Fall Inlove With

If you are new to K-drama and just started getting to know more series and movies, and Oppas, keep reading.  The following is a list of the heartthrobs and heartbreakers of famous Korean dramas of all time. Get to know more about them, their projects, and some fun facts about them.

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