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Must- Haves Tech for every Millennial Parent

Parenthood is a journey of a lifetime. It’s a commitment with no reservations and conditions. It is free will- a decision individuals make for themselves, and it is not for everyone. While some people define success as achieving career growth or having a high-paying job, others see it as building a beautiful family. However, even with these opposing views, many are yet to challenge this stigma of success polarity. You can have your own amazing family while pursuing your dream job, or you can still be grabbing opportunities while raising beautiful children. This is true for most millennial parents.

Young Family

Generations, over time, have changed preferences and practices due to several factors such as

1. The paradigm shift in gender roles; as more women are pursuing a professional career and some men are considering staying at home with kids.

2. Abundance of resources for better parenting guidance that suggests alternatives to the previously practiced authoritarianism.

3. Societal modernism such as new family structures, fast-paced lifestyles, and the emergence of the latest technologies, just to name a few.


With all the hustle and bustle of this modern world, millennial parents are now faced with their worst enemy- TIME. It’s a challenge to make time and be physically home every time to check on the kids while attending to their respective jobs. Sometimes, even when working from home, it’s impossible to leave work now and then to talk or watch over them. To give millennial parents ease and peace of mind while working away from their kids, here are the home gadgets to help them secure their family a comfortable space at home.

1. Smart Lock

Smart locks are now one of the most sought after security gadgets for home safety. It’s a wireless electromechanical lock that can be accessed with the assigned pin, authorized fingerprint, or through another device like a smartphone via its corresponding specific security application. Having smart locks give you a better security in the sense that you are in control of who you’d give the code to.  You can also unlock or lock your door through your phone in just a few clicks. You can monitor who visits your kids at home as they have to get through your security process first. It is anti-theft and works against intruders so they can’t easily barge in to your place. It can also help avoid unwanted accidents of kids going out of the house without supervision, especially the curious toddlers.

Digital Security System

2. Smart CCTV Camera

When working, it’s impossible to drive back home from the office every breaks to check on the kids at home. Installing smart CCTV cameras at home especially in your kids’ room to monitor them is a convenient solution. While you are away from home, working, or shopping for the family’s needs, you can easily check on the kids and the house using your connected smart devices like phones and tablets. Smart CCTV cameras mostly have a great night vision features which make it more reliable to show clear video monitor all throughout the day. Some variants of this security device have integrated speakers and mic for communication. Kids can see you and talk to you through their screen monitor at home while you can do the same using your device, wherever you are. This way, your kids can feel the 24/7 security, knowing that you are just on the other line, watching over them.

Installing CCTV

3. Alkaline Water Purifier

Kids and adults drink water everyday. It should not just be any water but the cleanest and the one with the most minerals needed for a healthier body as possible. Getting your own alkaline water purifier at home is a great way to provide a clean water source for the whole family. This way, you are at peace that all your loved ones, especially the little ones, are drinking alkaline water packed with several health benefits. You don’t just give your family access to cleaner water, you also nourish them in all way possible!

Water Purifier & Glass

4. Bladeless Air Purifier Fan

At home, it is important to ensure that the environment and the air you breathe are clean. Your home should be the safest place to be rested, away from the threats of diseases mostly present in crowded and dirty places. Installing bladeless air purifier fans at home is a wise option for most parents with toddlers. It can be placed anywhere in the house as it is safe even with kids playing around with its bladeless feature. No potential accidents like kids hurting themselves with fan blades present in traditional fan devices. Breathe fresh air and relax knowing your kids are safe and sound.


Source: Dyson

5. Dust Mites Vacuum

Dust mites are one of the major allergens at home. It triggers skin irritation, asthma, and other allergy complication. It’s microscopic and thousands of it can lurk in the house carpets, curtains, bedding, mattresses, or upholstered pieces of furniture at home. It’s not safe especially for kids with sensitive skin and asthma. Buying a dust mite vacuum is essential to keep away these harmful pests from causing danger to your family. One of the most popular devices now in the market is the Deerma Dust Mites UV light Vacuum CM1900, gaining confidence from its users with its effective cleaning performance. More and more parents are choosing it to ensure a cleaner room for the whole family to enjoy and bond.

maxresdefault (2).jpg

Providing the best care and security for the kids and the whole family can be costly if not done wisely. Only choose products that are trusted and have great quality. Reading reviews and recommendations from other smart parents is a good way to start learning about these products. There are several online groups and communities on social media that tackles and shares home improvement and other home-related matters, like Home Buddies. Joining groups like Home Buddies is a great way to start communicating and interacting with people of the same interest - making your own home the best place for you and your family.


As millennial parents, looking after and ensuring the safety and comfort of your kids at home while chasing your personal growth and goals in life is an ultimate dream come true. Weighing as much importance, you would do your best to find ways to achieve it both. However, you must remember that providing all these things to your kids is just one aspect.  Be reminded of your kids’ emotional and psychological needs for security. As much as you invest in what physically secures them, learn more about their love language, what they want, and how they want to be treated like- learn ways on how to effectively communicate with them. Speak good words and explicitly remind them that they are loved, always. Not until you provide for all these aspects that you’d give your little ones and the whole family the holistic security they need and deserve.

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