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Pocket  Garden Inspirations for your Simple Home

Plants on Terrace

Have you ever felt like your home is looking good but not so good? It seems like there is something missing - like a piece in the puzzle is gone which makes it incomplete. If you feel this way, then this article is just right for you!


Your home, big or small, with a big lawn or narrow side aisles, can be improved to look like a paradise of its own rights. You will not be needing extravagant pieces of furniture to fill the empty spaces, a number of creative pocket garden ideas will do the magic.


A pocket garden is basically a group of plants set together in a small space. It is adding plant accents to your landscaped lawn, backyard, or just the side areas of your home. It’s a great way to add character to your home, plus it makes any building a lot prettier!


To give you inspiration in starting your pocket garden at home, here are some of the easy peasy ideas you can try.



1.Urban jungle

This concept is best for houses with a narrow backyard or side aisles. It’s a great way to maximize your place’s extra spaces that is not too large for a recreational area but not too small to not be utilized as a refreshing spot. Putting this up will give your simple abode a tropical vibe and an unlimited summer feels you can enjoy at home!

Watering Indoor Garden

2. Patio Pocket Garden


It is always nice to have a special spot at home like a patio for you and your family to just enjoy while outdoors. A patio can be more than just a plain area for recreational activities when given attention to. It can be your own pocket garden area too! Level up your family’s bonding moment with a prettier surrounding. Display your favorite flowers and plants, and tinker on the arrangements to give it a more personalized touch. A house with such a scenic view is surely more preferable!

Patio and Garden

3.Pallet Flower Garden

You can never go wrong with a bunch of colorful and sweet-smelling flowers in your backyard or lawn. Pots, however, might require larger space which you might not have. The way to resolve this is to invest in a pallet flower garden instead. Choose the plants you wish to display and attached them to a steel or wooden structure or plant holder. You can display it in front, side, or back of your house. Anywhere would do just fine as it doesn’t occupy so much space.

Pellet Flower Garden.png

Photos from Pinterest

4. Vertical Vine- Accented Garden

One of the barest and the least homeowners normally give attention to is their outdoor walls or fences. It is one of the first few things people notice in a house but most of the time overlooked or unmaximized. If you want to skip the boring plain fence, give it a natural touch of green by accenting it with vines or any plants alike. Add more texture to the green background by adding some flower-bearing plants! You can opt to build a freestanding structure where you can place your plants or attached them directly to the wall.

Vertical Garden

5. Raised Beds Gardening

If you have other plans for your extra space outside but can’t ditch plants, raised beds pocket garden is the best one for you. This will require a few things like woods, hammer, and nails to make the bed for your plants. You will have to build a tall bench-length wooden box where you can plant your flowers. The top corner will be the plant bed and the lower part will be maximized for the tools and other things you wish to keep.

Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 12.25.00

Photos from Inspired by Charm

Pocket gardening your way to a better and fresher home look is achievable! All four inspirations are easy and require not as much space as the traditional backyard gardening. Also, you don’t have to worry about the empty and dull spots of your home anymore. These beautifying pocket garden ideas got you covered. To help you get started with the whole work soon, coming right up this blog is the starters for pocket garden planters! Stay tuned and subscribe to Home O’clock to get updates on our latest happy home articles you can’t miss.

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