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Self-Love: Treat Yourself like Someone You Love

Selfie at Home

People say that in this lifetime, you will meet several strangers who will make sense in your life and will make you feel a roller coaster of emotions. The same way that you would give others certain feelings. Perhaps, out of your love to them. 


As a kid, you were taught to be good to others. Sometimes, this ideology goes overboard that you often prioritize other’s feelings over your own. You forget that you also need to think about yourself. 


Have you had those days when you just lie down on your bed, look at your photos on your phone, and say to yourself how much you don’t like yourself? That you look fat, ugly and the list of negative remarks about yourself goes on. The bad thoughts you feed yourself every day will only make you hate everything about yourself- you will start to unlove yourself. 


The world has enough harshness- you don’t deserve to add to that and throw hateful words at yourself. You owe it to yourself to look after your health, body, and other needs- you have to practice self-love.


Before you extend love and care to others, you give it to yourself first. Start from within, treat yourself with kindness, and let the warmth settle inside you. Treat yourself like someone you love. You have been showering others your acts of love and compassion, it’s now time that you give it to yourself too.


Self-Love Languages

1. Words of Affirmation

It is very easy to compliment others about their looks, jobs, and achievements but feels so hard to do to yourself. Don’t hold back, and allow yourself to receive the same kind words you give to others. When you speak good words for others, don’t forget to say the same to yourself. Say nice things about you, like “I am doing fine”, “I am proud of me, I did very great”. You can also shower yourself with appreciation like, “My hair is so shiny, it looks good on me”, “My eyes are pretty, they are mesmerizing”, “I smell great today”, and “My fashion is dashing”.  When you wake in the morning, don’t forget to tell yourself that you are proud of how brave and strong you have been; to be able to conquer another challenging day of your life. Be kind to yourself as you are to others.

Bride Looking in Mirror

2. Gifts

On special days, or even on normal ones, you get your family and friends some gift to remind them of your love for them. It’s not necessarily an extravagant item;  sometimes, it’s warm coffee to start their day or a flower to brighten up their day- it could be anything you think they would love receiving. Think like this and do like this to yourself. From time to time, get something for yourself for a self-gift. Shop online for your favorite skincare or make-up, a pair of shoes, or buy the house and lot you have always wanted to have- you do it because you deserve it.

Don’t think twice about giving yourself all these gifts you would undoubtedly give to your family and other people.

Opening Gifts

3. Quality Time

You often make it a point to make time for the special people in your life. Regardless of hectic schedules at work or school, you always try to spend quality time with them. You should also give some time for yourself alone. Go out on a road trip and take yourself to places you’d want to go. Watch the latest movie in the cinema or Netflix and chill at home with your favorite comfort foods. Write in your journal, reflect and write your learnings, experiences, and your plans. Allocate time for yourself to do whatever you want to do and to be at peace, away from the lenses of society- meditate at home. If you can find time for others, you can do the same for yourself; relax and get rested- YOU DESERVE IT.


4. Act of Service

It feels great to be a helping hand to other people. Being there for someone, investing for their welfare sometimes feel easier to do than when it’s for you. When you do it for others, it’s guiltless because people see it as humility. When it’s for you, others might make you feel it’s a selfish act. You have to understand that others will always have something to say, and it doesn’t have to be your truth. Invest in yourself and become better to be able to help more people. Let yourself learn new things. Enroll in online training and seminars, reconnect with your interests and make decisions to make you a better person. You can do a small act of service to yourself at home too. Cook yourself a sumptuous dinner at home, beautify your house interiors, set up your working or studying space, and more. Do the things that make your life more bearable for you because everyone else is busy looking after their own.

Filming a Cooking Video

5. Physical Touch

Hugs and kisses are the common gestures you show to the people you love. It communicates your care, concern, and compassion to them. The same acts you can do to yourself to remind yourself that you too are loved dearly. Give yourself a pat on your shoulders for a job well done. Look in the mirror, stare at yourself, touch your body like you mean to soothe them from the weight of others’ judgmental eyes. Let your warm touch bring comfort to not just your body but also your whole being. Take time to explore yourself and your body. Figure out the things that make you feel good about being you and give them to yourself.

Face Complexion

Practice doing all of your love languages to yourself. See the power of self-love- how it’s going to turn you into the best version of yourself.  Watch yourself transform into a more capable and confident person who has a lot of sincere love to share with others. The love you give to yourself is the best foundation of any other kind of love you’d give to others- it matters.

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