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Whole Body Easy Workouts

to Try At Home

Exercising at Home

During the first community quarantine last year, many used the time at home to start taking good care of themselves. Many did exercise routines in their own homes and managed to lose a few pounds. The quarantine losing weight challenge became one of the most famous trends on TikTok, with people showing their previous and current weights on a short video. While others were successful in maximizing their time working out at home, some failed to do so. There are people who stressed eat, especially those who were working and studying from home for the first time. The adjustment period was stressful that eating a lot became a good distraction, but then led to unwanted weight gain.


It is never too late to restart and be on track again to achieve a healthier version of you! Weight loss challenge at home will never get out of trend. In fact, many health enthusiasts’ communities in all social platform are now encouraging more people to join them. To help you get started with it, here are few exercises you can do effortlessly at home that are effective in toning down your body.


Cardio Exercise


One of the most known types of workout to help tone down your body is the cardio exercise. It strengthens your heart as it improves oxygen flow throughout your body.

Here are two common cardio exercises that will surely make your heart pump harder!

1. Jumping Jacks

This is one of the easiest and most basic exercises of all time. You only have to spread your legs wide enough as you jump several times while clapping your hands on the air. This should be done faster and by cycle, and you’d notice body temperature change- next thing you know, you are sweating hard! You can do this in the living room while watching TV or when you are waiting for your turn to use the bathroom. Your spacious house can be a great exercising venue!


Photo from Popsugar

2. Burpees

Famous celebrities usually have this exercise on their list when trying to get in shape. For one, it’s easy and very effective for cardio training and at the same time muscle strength as it uses your own body weight. For starters, you have to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and arms on your sides. Squat, reach your hand on the floor, and then kick your legs straight behind you. You should be in a high plank position till you bend your elbow and take your chest down to the floor then push yourself back up again. Do at least three sets of that on your first day and add three more on the next week or as much as you want for so long that your body can endure. You can do this exercise in your own bedroom, in the morning or anytime preferred.


Photo from Popsugar

Upper Body


This set of exercises focuses on developing stronger muscles on the upper part of the body, like the shoulders and arms. Mostly, this will require lifting equipment, but you can do away with it and use your own body weight instead.

1. Push-Ups

You probably have tried to push up during your Physical Health classes in elementary or high school. Push-up gives maximum upper body strength as it trains your chest muscles, shoulders, and triceps. Position yourself in a high plank, bend your elbows and let your weight push you down to the floor, then resist and pull yourself back up using your arm strength. Do at least three reps every day for a week and gradually increase it over time when your body is able and is a lot stronger. There are several modifications and kinds of push-ups. Following the same position, you can try it against the wall or sturdy and static surfaces, like your islet table in the kitchen or your bed.

Girl Doing Push-Ups

2. Triceps Dips

Dipping is perfect training to build shoulder and arm strength. It also uses your whole bodyweight as the muscle trainer. You can use your chair in the dining or in the living room when doing this. You place your hand on the edge of the chair, fingers should be pointing down, then slide your butt off the chair. Extend your legs and feet should be hip-width apart with your heels flat on the ground. Keep your face straight with your chin up.  Drop your hips down then press palms to lift your body up back to the first position. Repeat the steps at least eight times per cycle. Do this every day and see changes in your body, especially in your arms over time.


Photo from Rossana Davison



Who doesn’t dream of a toned abs? Most people dream of a perfectly sculpted abdominal muscle! Here’s the way to achieve it- core workout. Burn that stubborn belly fat!


1. Planking

Everyone who tried working out once in their life knows about planking. People tend to hate how easy it looks like but the execution feels otherwise. However, this is an effective way to train the core or the mid muscles that connect your upper body and lower body. There are several planking positions that target specific parts of the abdomen but learning about the standard goes a long way. To do it correctly, plant your palms flat to the floor directly under your shoulders like you do when about to do a push-up. Your toes should be grounded on the floor, and squeeze your glutes and contract abdominal muscles to stabilize your body. You can basically do this anywhere at home- the perks of having your own space to live freely!


Photo from Medium

2. Leg Raise

Those who have an obvious lower belly love the leg raise exercise. It hits the lower abdominal area and also strengthens the hips. This is exercise is perfect for those who work in the office and those who spend most of their time seated. It helps with hip mobility and on the hip flexors or the muscle area that connects the core to the lower part of the body. It is easy as you only have to lie on your back, legs straightly extended and slightly lifted from the floor with your hands on the side or underneath your hips for support. When in the position, slowly raise your legs as high as you can, ideally with the soles facing the ceiling. Then, slowly put it back down again, don’t let your feet touch the floor, and keep them at least a few inches up. Do this repetitively and test yourself how many you can do. You don’t have to force yourself to do this several times on your first week, gradually change your goals depending on your capacity to do it in the right form. Like in life, always prioritize quality, be it in exercise or other things that directly affect you and your well-being.


Photo from Depositphotos

Lower Body

Working on the lower part, especially on the legs and glutes, will make a strong body foundation. A toned and sculpted bum is everyone’s dream! To achieve such, there are several easy lower body workouts available to train your buttocks and legs with!


1. Squats

This exercise is one of the most commonly known exercises to train your bum. If you want to give your butt the attention and the right work to make it look fuller, squats is your best friend. Take note, most people get to use the wrong parts or muscles of their body when doing this. To do it right, follow these simple steps. Stand on your feet, hip-width with toes pointing front. Bend your knees and drop your hip back like you are sitting in the air. Secure your heels and toes on the ground, relax your back, chest up, and shoulders back. Work your glutes, back thighs, and legs to pull yourself up to an upright position. Focus on the form and not on the number of repetitions of this workout. Always remember to use your leg muscles and not your back when pulling yourself up. You can literally do this anywhere at home! You can do squats outdoors while appreciating the plants in your garden or in your dining area and you may use your chair as a guide- any spots at home would do just fine!

Photo from Healthline

2. Glute Bridge

Get your hamstrings working with this exercise! This looks easy but it does magic and it honestly gives your lower body muscles the work! All you have to do is to find the perfect spot at home- a clean and well-maintained floor is perfect for the Glute Bridge. Lie down on your back on a plain surface and bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart. You can place your arms on your side or you may extend it toward the ceiling. Squeeze your glutes and lift your hips off the mat. Hold it up for a while then bring your hips back down. Countlessly redo this, depending on how many more you can go for, and keep pushing yourself to see better results. Religiously do this, your bum should manifest effects in no time.


Photo from Fitness Genes

These are just some of the physical activities doable at home that require none of the expensive equipment you see in the gym. All you need to have is a free space at home where you can move smoothly and freely, and of course, the dedication to stay committed to doing it religiously.  Make yourself your priority and achieve health goals this 2021. More than the noticeable physical change a good set of exercises gives you, take each day as your chance to love yourself more. You will not have to lose as much as the others did and expect your body to be like someone else’s. Your body will show its own shape and regardless of it not fitting the standards of society, it is beautiful. Understand your body and learn more about it and yourself. Self-love, as much as beauty, starts from within. Acknowledge yourself, your phasing, and your little achievements. You don’t need validation from anyone else but yourself. You do you but never take your health for granted- live your life to the fullest as you love yourself holistically.

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