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Pocket Gardening: First Time Planters Must-Have

Gardening Equipment

The occurrence of the pandemic last year has made everyone stay at home longer than we ever did in the past few years of our lives. The situation has made us realized a lot, and it also aided us to discover new hobbies, like gardening. Being a Plantita and Plantito was on-trend since many got interested in growing their plants at home. The love for a greener environment spiked up that everyone just started to learn about techniques and ways of incorporating plants in their own space.


If you are one of the many who fell in love with plants and pocket gardens, here’s the article to help you start it right. Doing the whole planting process on your own will save you a lot in terms of money as the professional fee will cost you a few more bucks plus, you have more control over how you want it to be.


To get started, it’s a must to have the basic tools to do the planting process! Here are the top five tools to secure first.


1. Hand Trowel

A trowel is a handheld spade-like gardening tool for digging holes or scooping soils for your garden. It comes in various sizes and kind. There are wooden and stainless steel trowels but whichever of the two you have will help you a lot in your planting activity.

Planting Flowers

2. Cultivator

A cultivator is a rake-like gardening tool for weeding the land surface or loosening the soil. This one is a must-have especially for first-time planters with a limited or small area for gardening. Also, for you to get started with your garden, you must cultivate your soil thus, the need for a cultivator.


3. Mini Wheelbarrow

Gardening will require you to move stuff like fertilizers, plants, and some other tools from one area to another. A mini wheelbarrow would be of much help to perform your gardening tasks. It will be your machinery to help you navigate in your area to carry your seedlings or flowers to the actual spot of the garden.


4. Hand Gloves

Planting will require a lot of hands job and will expose you to various dirt and bacteria from the soil hence, the need to wear hand gloves. Also, it protects your hand from tearing skin when gripping tightly some tools for a long period.


5. Water Sprinklers

Your plants will need to be watered depending on their kind. Some require daily watering and others don’t need as much. This too can be used to pour an ample amount of water into the soil when cultivating to avoid muddy texture and drowning your plants.

Kids Gardening

Done with the tools, now is the time for the plants you can easily get anywhere in the country that can transform your home into a paradise-like place.


1. Fern

The fern is a non-flowering vascular plant. It is abundant in places with a tropical climate. Most homeowners use fern for a decorative green wall space but it can also be placed in a hanging pot. The plant requires the least watering session but has to be check often as it can grow huge in volume, which may need cutting and cleaning every now and then.

Fern Plant

2. Succulent

One of the most aesthetic plants in the entire world is a succulent plant. It’s a staple for pocket gardens and in some landscaping on the side aisles and backyards of homes. It adds a natural colorful texture to a pebble-designed surface plus, it’s low maintenance since it’s a drought-resistant plant.


3. Horse Tail

Horsetail plant is a non-flowering plant with a bamboo-like structure but with skinnier stems. It is adaptable in wet conditions which makes it one of the staple plants for water pocket gardens. It is a good evergreen plant accent along borders or edges in your patio or backyard.


Photo from Pinterest

4. Orchids

Orchids are not the easy-to-grow kind of flowering plants but their variety of colors are irresistible you can’t miss adding these to your outdoor garden space. Cultivated orchids are common in the tropics. They are normally attached to tree trunks or sometimes on other plant surfaces. It requires a high intensity of light which is why it is often hung on spots with the most access to daylight.

Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse

5. Euphorbia Milli

More commonly known as Crown of Thorns, this ornamental plant is one of the Filipino garden staples. It comes in various colors and it’s easy to maintain, too. It’s a drought-tolerant house plant that fits both indoor and outdoor garden displays.


Photo from Gardenia

These are just some of the many beautifying plants every first-timer planter can include in their outdoor pocket gardens.  You should understand your plants’ needs and check compatibility with your lifestyle. Always consider your mates at home who may not be safe with some particular plants around- your fur babies, especially.


Add more color and texture to your home through gardening. If you are a bit skeptical of your area, feeling like it’s too little to push through with the plan, worry not. You may check Home O’clocks’s pocket garden inspirations and get amazing ideas on how to work out your limited space for a plant corner at home. Surrounding your house, from your backyard to your front yard, with flowers and greenery will beautify your home in the most natural way. Sometimes, it goes more than just that- it makes your place a lot happier, cleaner, and healthier for you and your family.


For more home improvement ideas check Home Oclock’s Happy Home articles. Gain more insights on how to make your home a better place for you and your family.

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