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Family Portrait


Fun Baking

Christmas is the most awaited celebration for everyone. Kids are the most excited among everyone.  They have an overflowing joy looking forward to the day of the celebration; who can blame them? It’s the time when they receive enormous presents, put up festive home decors, and enjoy a delicious Noche Buena feast!

Kid Painting

By: Michelle Mae Abadinas-Serondo

There’s a saying, “There’s joy and wonder everywhere when you see the world through the eyes of a child.” And yes, that is true. An innocent child’s eyes give us hope in every tomorrow. They give us beauty and courage to our dispirited day.


This year, let’s skip the unrealistic and complicated things out of our list and focus on the simple ones that will make the year 2021 a better one for all of us.

Golden Retriever

Like all our other loved ones, we must take good care of them.  Also, they have specific needs that we, as responsible fur owners, must provide. To be able to do so, we must start with the most basic one, a pet-friendly home.


To make sure our fur babies are living their best, here are some tips on how to make your house their place of security and comfort.

Nature Cereal.jpg

Since the start of the pandemic, during the long boring days at home, many people started gushing over Tiktok. Tiktok is a social media platform where you can share your thoughts, talents, recipes, and anything under the sun through video posting. One of the famous video hashtags on this platform is #FoodTiktok which features several dishes and an unusual combo of vegetables, fruit, meat, and other edible products.


To give you a glimpse of how surprisingly mouth-watering #FoodTiktok craze is, here are some of the most-watched, tried, and loved recipes by most Tiktokers.

Happy Young Family

With all the hustle and bustle of this modern world, millennial parents are now faced with their worst enemy- TIME. It’s a challenge to make time and be physically home every time to check on the kids while attending to their respective jobs. Sometimes, even when working from home, it’s impossible to leave work now and then to talk or watch over them. To give millennial parents ease and peace of mind while working away from their kids, here are the home gadgets to help them secure their family a comfortable space at home.

Christmas Dinner

The holiday season is fast approaching. Us Filipinos kick-start the Yuletide season in early September through December to what we called "Ber" months. We can already feel the Christmas breeze as everybody gets ready for the season. Celebrating the holidays during this pandemic may be quite different from the previous years.

After more than a year of abiding through the pandemic, today - life is slowly returning to what it was before the crisis. 

Weekend Family Bonding

Being with your family isn't just about being complete or being able to give them there needs, we also have the needs to enjoy and have fun each others company so it is very important that sometimes we give time in order for us to feel more connected.

Family at home

Summer is just around the corner - the summer season brings out the appetency of going out and going on a vacation. During these bizarre times, most of us are looking for alternative ways to spend summer vacation that will keep us on the budget.

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