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Outdoor Meditation


Woman on the Street

“Millennial” (born in 1981-1996; age 24-39) 


In Filipino culture, “tita or tito” or “auntie and uncle” is defined as the sibling of either your mother or father.

New Year Celebration

2020 has passed by, many are still longing for the holidays gone by the previous year. Well, the good news is, we won’t be waiting for too long to enjoy these rest days and vacations again this year.

Weekend Family Lunch

The pandemic is still on going, new covid19 variants are being discovered, and more diseases are surfacing from different parts of the world. It is now more than ever that we have to be physically and mentally strong and healthy amidst all the challenges.

Exercising at Home

Weight loss challenge at home will never get out of trend. In fact, many health enthusiasts’ communities in all social platform are now encouraging more people to join them. To help you get started with it, here are few exercises you can do effortlessly at home that are effective in toning down your body.

Gym Equipments

Skip the costly gym membership and start setting up your own gym at home. Follow five simple steps and your gym is up, ready for your fitness journey.

Selfie at Home

Practice doing all of your love languages to yourself. See the power of self-love- how it’s going to turn you into the best version of yourself.  The love you give to yourself is the best foundation of any other kind of love you’d give to others- it matters.

Exercise and Healthy Diet

As we get caught in the busyness of life, keeping a healthy lifestyle could be an overwhelming challenge. Having a busy schedule is not a bad thing - as it is part of today's culture. However, overfilling yourself can negatively affect your health. 

Happy at Home

It is important to brighten up your day as it will affect, not just your mood, but everyone around you and it would give you enough energy to be more dedicated on your daily tasks.

Working in the Office

There are days when we have to catch up with the deadlines - and doing everything last minute and blaming our lack of time - we always make ourselves busy without being productive.

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